What Men Prefer – Revealed!

We had always thought that blonde girls have more fun, but little did we know, men actually prefer Asian chicks with their silky black hair to blondes. Throughout the past week, the Venusbuzz team have conducted a small survey among 50 random men from different backgrounds and these questions below were posted to them. Here’s what we have gathered. Surprise, surprise!

Men actually prefer..

1. Boobylicous or Bootylicious?

Results : Boobs for the win! 7 0 percent of men actually prefer the boobies over booties. Apparently, the sisters are more important for sexual pleasure.

2. Silky Black or Golden Blonde? 

Results : Black is still sexy! 90 percent of them said they would go for the Asian chicks because of their silky black hair and smart brains. Sorryyy barbies!

3. Skinny or Curvy

Results : 20 percent of them picked skinny, and the rest were more interested in girls with curves. Wow, now we can give those strict diet a break and flaunt those curves. 

4. Pretty Face or Pretty Heart

Results : This was a tough one. Of course, all of them wanted someone with both a pretty face and a decent heart. However, if they had to choose one…70 percent of  them said they would go for a pretty heart rather than just a pretty face, and the rest were satisfied with just external beauty. 

5. Kim Kardashian or Heidi Klum

Results : 80 percent – Kim Kardashian, 20 percent – Heidi Klum! Wow, we were shocked at this result. Hmm, we don’t really know why, perhaps men really are shallow creatures after all. What do you think?

6. Megan Fox or Rosie Huntington

Results : This one was neck and neck! 50 % of them voted for Megan, and the other half for Rosie-Huntington. Oh my..we’ll let you decide the winner.


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