6 Fashion Habits That Can Kill You

They may say, no pain, no gain. But you’ve got nothing to gain when the pain eventually ends up killing you.

Venusbuzz.com talks about the six fashion habits that are a danger to your life. Read up and don’t be a fashion victim!

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1. Handbags

Ladies, we know how important your bags are to you but that does not mean you should be lugging around a 50kg bag. Prolonged muscle spasms, neck, back and shoulder aches can become a problem if you carry a heavy bag on a daily basis.

What can be done? The rule of thumb is that your bag should weigh no more than 10% of your body weight. Straps should be at least 1 1/2 inches wide. Try using a smaller bag to only carry what’s necessary.

2. High Heels

How often do you find yourself with sore heels and back pain after a period of wearing high heeled shoes? The pressure you put on all your feet could lead to sprained ankle, stress fractures and foot deformity in the long run.

What can be done? Give your feet a lot of rest. It’s a good idea to alternate between high heels, wedges and flats. You will have better weight distribution and not put so much pressure on your feet.

3. Skinny Jeans

This may be a trend loved by many but super tight jeans is bad for health. Wearing them can cause lower back pain, fungal infection,indigestion and “tingling thigh syndrome” due to poor circulation.

What can be done? If you still insist on following the trend, opt for a pair with stretch fabric. Otherwise, go for cuts that have more room for the legs and thighs like a pair of straight leg jeans.

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4. Bras/Corsets

Ill-fitting and tight undergarment can be a hazard to your body. You may think you’re accentuating your curves but in actual fact, you’re limiting oxygen intake and jeopardizing your respiratory system.

What can be done? Go for front-hook closure and soft material if you can help it and avoid wearing bras with ‘poking’ underwire. Corsets should be worn for no more than 3-4 hours at most.

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5. Flip-flops

Sandals may be the lazy-man’s footwear of choice but they provide no support for the heels at all and can cause foot fatigue, sore calf muscle and long-term ankle and hip problems. Not to mention, you can easily slip in them too.

What can be done? Ditch them!

 6. Accessories

You will be surprised that many high street brands carry accessories that contain high levels of hazardous chemicals. These jewelleries are often mass-produced to be cheap and that fake diamond ring you love might just give you a rash.

What can be done? Know what you’re putting around your neck, wrists and ears. Not everyone can afford real jewellery but invest in classic pieces that can be used for all occasion.

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