Grow Old & Stay Stylish: Fashion Tips for Middle Aged Women

Not the funky granny, or the in denial aunty, just a graceful woman who celebrates aging.

As natural a process it is, no one actually wants to grow old. Being little girls, we wanted to grow up but as soon as we hit 25 – we wish we look forever that way. The fine lines turn into wrinkles, the then slim tummy is now saggy, the used to be toned legs are looking less appealing – holy gravitation! But ladies, it never means we have to stop trying to look our best – because it is one of the sources of daily happiness. With a few tweaks, a few adjustments, and an improved mindset – you wise and mature ladies shall rediscover your fashion fascination.

Because no woman should stop playing dress up regardless of age.

1. Change your jeans to sleek pants

While jeans are staples in everyone’s wardrobe – you should stack up on tailored pants. Many women turn to mum jeans for the comfort when they grow old, because they’re no longer confident in donning the skinnies or too attached to the comfort mum jeans provide. The good news is, there IS a compromise between style and substance – sleek, tailored pants. While the fabric material is light and breathable, the cuts are slim (not skinny) hence flattering the legs without exposing unwanted bulks. To have a high dosage of fun, be adventurous in material – lace, velvet, you name it!

2. Monochromatic is key

We learn from R&B queen Beyonce, who chooses bright palette but sticks to one colour at a time. Monochromatic ensemble gives the illusion of a slimmer figure. Try a formal blazer + pencil skirt combo, in a fun colour like mustard yellow or emerald green – and you will be surprised of how you can’t stop looking at your wonderful hourglass figure. It’s not lipo, it’s just a fashion trick!

3. Belt is your sword

Middle aged women usually find comfort in loose, less structured tops like tunics and loose shirt. There is nothing wrong with that, really. But you can accentuate your waist or hip by adding a slim belt, put on loosely. You should be thinking about investing in belts because for middle aged women, belt is your sword at the fashion battle.

4. Simple cuts, bold prints

Opt for simple cut tops; for extra ruffles and whatnot might only make you appear heavier. To spice up, however, have fun with prints like batik, classic polkadot, or even cutesy prints if you are up for it. Deciding on what prints suit you best will take some trial & errors, some prints can make you look lumpy. Narrow down choices by listing down what prints you like, and you can explore further from there.

5. The little details

No one needs to know that you are sticking to the same model of tunic all along – if you know how to make a single piece looks like 10 different ones. Play around with different collar types, sleeve detailing, or subtle pleats on your shirts and you shall see how they will all look differently attractive. It is the best of both worlds really – staying in your fashion comfort zone, and looking stylish at all times.

6. Statement shoes

You have kept pretty much everything simple – so it is time to make a statement! Opt for colourful wedges, or novelty material for flats so you have a pull-together outfit. Sophisticated on top, sassy at the bottom.

7. Proper amount of accessories

With the stable financial condition you might enjoy in your middle age, it is so tempting to just drape yourself in precious stones and diamonds and pearls and gold all at once. But the mindset to have is to appreciate each piece of jewellery – by allowing them to individually enjoy the limelight. Do accessorise, for they define your personality – but always stick to the ‘take off one thing before you step out of the house’ rule.

8. Maintain the structure

You can’t hide body imperfections by opting to only wear loose things for the rest of your life. Neither should you go for extra-tight things just to show you are a confident middle aged woman. Infuse structure to your every outfit – go for flattering basic shirts over babydoll tops, and highwaisted pants over hipster ones. That way, you define certain areas of your body without sacrificing comfort.

9. The dress science

Not many women feel good about wearing a dress anymore after they hit 40. It doesn’t mean you should give up dresses, you just have to find the right ones. Pick ones that go just right above the knees to allow some, but not too much, skin to show. Opt for wide skirt with slim (not cinching) waist or flattering wrap dress.

10. Tasteful trend

Who says trends are only for teens? Choose one trend that flatters you and match it with your daily ensemble to look up to date without being a fashion victim. For instance, the oh-so-right-now pastel blazer in jersey material is a flattering trend for middle aged women – and easy to pair with either tailored pants or casual dresses.

Last but definitely not the least, smile! Not only it is a man’s magnet, it is also the best makeup to accompany your pretty clothes.

All street style images are taken from Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen. The blog celebrates confidence, beauty, and maturity of aged men and women.

Image credits: Net-a-porter, InStyle, Amanda Pearl, Tiffany & Co, Amazon, Zalora Malaysia, Mango, Zara, Charles & Keith / via Pinterest

Nina Hidayat

Nina Hidayat survives life by heart and intuition (plus a bit of logic). In between voicing out through writing, she daydreams about clothes and shoes. Recently, she started 'Sepatu Merah' - a self-designed handmade shoe line dedicated for women. Life is a fashion playground, after all.


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