Manicure Mondays: Crazy for Gold!

The latest nail trend to hit Hollywood is Gold Gold Gold and we have to say, we love it! Rihanna recently caused headlines at the Grammies when she showed up with real 24-carat gold, limited edition nail polish from Red Carpet Manicure, which costs about a whopping RM15,000 per bottle – literally worth it’s weight in gold!

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There’s nothing like a pop of crisp luxuriant gold to add a touch of class and sophistication to your outfit, and while we do not recommend spending more than RM100 on a bottle of nail varnish, thankfully there are a lot of affordable alternatives out there for us regular (but still very fabulous) folk!

Do take note though, that gold done wrong can often look ‘aunty-ish’ and most of the times gaudy, so it is definitely a trend to tread with caution. Here are some tips from us at on what works and what doesn’t for your next trip to the manicurist!

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(From L-R, First Row)

OPI Gift of Gold We love dense gold glitter with accent silver and red glitter to make the gold pop!

Gold Leaf Glamour Go the extra mile by adding gold leaf to your nail varnish, and you’re guaranteed to have unique nails like no other

Soiree by MAC If you’re not a goldy-gold person, then opt for a more subtle version – try something like rose gold, which should complement most skin tones

Gold Nail Foil Stickers by Born Pretty Store Just apply foil adhesive to nail, apply foil back side down and peel for fancy party nails

(From L-R, Second Row)

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Misbehaved These nail appliqués made from real nail polish look amazing and are easy to do!

Accent nail Another option for anti-gold ladies, is to just have an accent nail in gold

Go for Patterns and Prints with gold accents We adore this 80s inspired print in bold black, white and gold

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Over-embellish. Unless you’re going for the Gyaru look, there’s no reason to over-populate your nails with unnecessary adhesives that will just end up looking tacky.

Unless you moonlight as a traditional Thai dancer, there’s no reason to keep your fingernails super long. They’re called nails, not talons for a reason. File them square, circular or pointed, just keep them at a decent length.

Now you know the tricks and tips, go forth and paint thy nails a glamorous shade of gold!

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