Lost Furkid, Anyone?

On April 19, 2012 at about 5pm, a lady found a frightened and shivering  silky terrier hiding below a vehicle along Jalan Riang in Happy Garden KL. The female silky terrier was badly matted and looked lost and out of place. It took a lot of coaxing before she came out from under the car.

The lady has since given it a good bath and haircut and will be sending it to the vet today. While giving her a bath, she noticed that the silky terrier was wheezing and there was a lump under one of her nipples. We certainly hope this poor silky terrier lost her way and wasn’t abandoned.

If this is your dog, please claim her from the contact above and be a responsible dog owner. We also call on residents staying around Happy Garden who can identify this dog and the possible owner so we can help send her home. Here are more pictures to help trace this furkid.