Marlborough College to Open in Iskandar Malaysia August 2012

If you have children or know of children ages 4 – 18 year olds with parents who don’t skim when it comes to education, then here’s something to look forward to – the esteemed co-independent boarding school Marlborough College in the UK will be opening their first overseas campus in Malaysia on the 27th of August, 2012 in in Iskandar Malaysia.

Situated on 90 acres of land, Marlborough College Malaysia will offer a holistic and forward-looking curriculum that prepares pupils to assume roles of responsibility in their careers and to make a difference in their communities through the Prep School (4-11 year olds) and a Senior School (11-18 year olds) that will also include a boarding option.

Currently, the College is 80% complete, and will be holding an Open Day for parents of prospectives pupils on 28 April 2012.

Robert Pick, Master of Marlborough College Malaysia, said, “With this campus in Iskandar, Marlborough College will be establishing a long-term presence in Malaysia. We look forward to both sharing our best practices and learning from institutions in Malaysia and the region.”

Marlborough College Malaysia will have an initial intake of about 250-300 pupils and will expand its intake to about 1300 pupils by 2018. Target applicants include children of locals and expatriates in Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere in the region. Marlborough College Malaysia will appeal in particular to those who want to experience a premier UK education but remain close to home and family.

The Malaysia and UK campuses of Marlborough College will operate under unified strategy and operations. Approximately half the teachers at Marlborough College Malaysia have studied and/or taught at Marlborough College in the UK. There will also be exchanges of pupils and teachers between the two campuses.

Set amidst a landscape of tranquil beauty, Marlborough College Malaysia’s 90-acre campus includes comfortable boarding houses to provide its boarding students a home away from home. The arts and sports facilities are second to none amongst similar institutions in Southeast Asia, and allow pupils to fully explore their capabilities in these areas.

Mr Pick said, “The immersive experience of boarding imparts to pupils the social skills, maturity and judgment they need for life. At Marlborough College, we also have a nurturing mentorship support team that will create a safe environment for pupils to grow and learn in this formative period of their lives. The many Old Marlburians from across our 168-year history who have distinguished themselves in their fields are testimony to the strength of our approach to education.”

The curriculum inculcates in pupils an appreciation of the arts, sports and the natural environment, as well as social responsibility and moral values. Marlborough College aims to reinforce their position as a beacon of holistic education that imparts to pupils the steadfast character and all-rounded perspective they need to succeed in a fast-changing global environment.

Alumni from Marlborough College UK include John Manser CBE (Senior Independent Director of SAB Miller and Chairman of Shaftesbury PLC); Samantha Cameron (former head of Smythson of Bond Street and current wife of David Cameron, UK PM); Catherine Middleton (Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge); and His Royal Highness Prince Waranonthawat of Thailand, fourth son of King Chulalongkorn.

Marlborough College Malaysia will be part of EduCity in Iskandar, which also includes tertiary institutions such as Newcastle University and NMIT.

For more information, visit their website.

Audra Roslani

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