Women Prone to Diabetes from Prolonged Sitting

Sedentary habits have been blamed for a series of health problems that affect both men and women which can lead to a shorter life.

Now, researchers have discovered that for women, prolonged periods of sitting can increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes as well.

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The study led by Thomas Yates from the University of Leicester, UK was carried out on a group of 500 people who turned up for a diabetes screening programme. The participants were asked to record how much time was spent sitting on a weekday within the last seven days while the researchers collected blood samples to test for diabetes risk factors.

On average, it was found that women spent about five hours a day sitting and men, six hours. Women are discovered to have a greater risk of developing diabetes with prolonged sitting as it increases their insulin resistance and chronic inflammation. Surprisingly, there were no such link found in men.

And, if you think engaging in moderate or active physical activity can reduce your risk, well you’re wrong. Those who participate in some form of activity but still have a sedentary habit for a prolonged period are at risk of early signs of diabetes as well.

However, the study says that the association decreased when a woman’s body mass index (BMI) was taken into account, indicating that obesity might be a possible explanation for the link. This could be that the release of hormones from fat tissue are detrimental to our body’s metabolism.

3 Tips to Sitting Less at the Office

  • Go fill-up water or make coffee with a co-worker at a predetermined time each day, make it a coffee date so that you would actually need to move away from the desk.
  • Don’t just send an email or use the phone when you have something to ask a fellow work mate. Get up from your chair and go find them for some face time instead.
  • If you’re up for it, take the stairs instead of the lift. It may take more time but this really gets the body working in all the right places.

Source: My Health News Daily

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