The Truth About Baby Abuse Viral Video

A video of a mother named Ira beating up her 8-month-old baby and being taped by another person goes viral on Facebook today. Is this a new abuse case? What has been done to her? What are we to do?

Malaysian netizens are shocked by the viral video on Facebook about a mother who abuses her daughter. The 4-minute home video shows her beating, kicking, pinching, and throwing objects at the baby in great anger. Another person who is recording the action is heard telling Ira, the name of the abusing mother, to stop her cruel actions. Most of those who have watched the video are deeply enraged by both the mother and the video taper – the former for abusing the baby, and the latter for letting it happen without intervening. Some other believed the videowoman had also been abused by the mother, hence her videotaping to be utilised as proof to put justice to the abuse case.

credits: Twitter / #Ira

However, through this post, we would like to confirm that Polis Diraja Malaysia officially states that the abuse video is dated almost a year ago (29 May 2011), and that the guilty mother is currently serving an 18-month jail service after the committed crime under the Malaysian Children Act 2001 (Seksyen 31(1) Akta Kanak-Kanak 2001). The baby is currently under the care of Social Welfare Department whereas the videowoman is a police witness of this case.

Taken from: Polis Diraja Malaysia (Royal Malaysia Police) Facebook Page

Cruel. Appaling. Beyond inhumane. Heartbreaking. Traumatising. Those are some of the reactions from those who have watched the video. It is still unclear if Ira is mentally disturbed, or is naturally a sadistic person – but we are left wondering about the level of morality our society is currently at. We have heard countless cases of animal cruelty in our country, and now – a few days before Mother’s Day,  the nation is suddenly shocked by an arising number of child abuse from last year. The UNICEF noted that in Malaysia, 7 children are reported to be victim of abuse every single day. The number of reported child abuse cases are also continuously rising (from 1,999 cases in 2006 to 2,780 cases in 2008). These child and baby victims experienced abandonment or sexual and physical abuses. (Source: UNICEF fact sheet, 2010)

Malaysia implements Children Act 2001 in the hope of stopping children abuse in the country. But like the aged Animal Act 1953, we believe it is crucial for child abusers to get more serious punishments so that we can prevent such cruelty cases from happening. Only then, the government would have fulfilled its very basic duty: providing welfare for the people.

credits: Twitter / #Ira

As fellow human beings, it is also our responsibility to protect every member, especially the minors in our society. Kids, women, and animals are not created to be punching bags whenever anger strikes us. Are we going through too much social and economic pressures that we turn into barbaric, animalistic society instead of the sophisticated one we always brag about?

Abuse, rapes, and other crimes are deep-rooted problems in a society. More than economic problems, these are signs that people are frustrated and angry at lives they are currently living. It is high time we put away the smartphones and iPads we constantly use to fill the hole in our hearts, and ask ourselves: have I done my part as a human being – to love fellow humans and to care for the environment?

It is a dog eat dog world out there, but we humans are capable of doing good, if only we just try harder. hopes, as we are sure all of our readers do, that the baby is being treated well and would be able to properly grow up despite the traumatic event she had gone through.

credits: The Star