Deadliest Beauty Sins

Wake up wake up, you might be torturing your skin and the eyes of passerby with your beauty habits!

Consulting your mirror alone is not always enough because the mind tricks you sometimes. Caked-on makeup is the perfect example. Here, let be the ‘extra mirrors’ and guide you through a list of common beauty sins we are guilty of at one point or another in our lives.

Foundation on Skin Breakouts

When you have dry skin or breakouts, do fix it as well as keeping it covered. The best solution would be tinted moisturiser – because it keeps the skin moisturised while giving a hint of foundation colour. Avoid powder foundation that sucks up the (already lacking) natural oil from your face.

Sharing Makeup

After showering at the gym, it seems like an easy way out to lend a friend your lipstick. This habit has to stop because in the process, bacteria could easily be transferred. Cosmetics, especially those applied directly to the face (lipstick or mascara), is as personal as toothbrush. Mascara bottle is a bacteria haven as it is dark and moist. It is so easy to catch eye infection from using other girls’ mascara because you are not used to the typical bacteria as the other person is.

Neglecting your Neck

When applying makeup, we tend to focus too much on the face and forget its direct neighbour – the neck. Do not stop at the chin while taking care of your face as it may cause your thin neck skin to be even thinner. As sensitive as face, neck is as well prone to pigment, elasticity, and texture changes. Moisturise, apply foundation, and apply sunscreen on your neck too. A separate neck cream is unnecessary because it is only a marketing ploy.

Bald Eyebrows

Maintaining eyebrows is essential but never ever overdo it. Some older women choose to permanently remove their eyebrows and tattoo them instead. The effect is looking like an angry lady in Chinese paintings. There is a reason why eyebrows exist in the very first place, and you should compliment it; not eradicate it.

‘Squeaky Clean’ Feel

You would not stop showering until you feel really, really clean. You keep rubbing and scrubbing and it is in fact not healthy. By doing this, you remove the natural oil that moisturises you and protect your skin and hair. Check your shampoo and soap labels and make sure they are not stripping your hair and skin. Also, try to limit your shower to 10 minutes and it is best to use warm water.

Sleeping with Makeup On

If you go home at wee hours, sleeping with makeup on once is forgiven. But do not make it a habit unless you want a handful of new pimples in the next few days. Our skin is covered with pores and makeup covers them up. Pores act as ‘nose’ to the skin and produce sebum  – the oil protecting your skin from irritants. Hence, skin goes protection-less with makeup on.

Whitening Products

If you want your skin as flawless as Cate Blanchett, remember that it is not an overnight process. Products promising instant results are dangerous. If you really want to lighten your skin up, opt for an all-natural skincare products. Ingredients to be avoided according to FDA including hydroquinone and clobetasol.


A tinge of blush on your cheeks’ apple create a fresh look after a restless night. However, the usage on almost every other part of your face makes it look like you have had a terrible sunburn over the weekend! Same goes to bronzer, a fair amount could compliment your facial features but too much of it makes you look 10 years older in a dash.

Excessive Use of Hair Conditioner

The top of your head is filled with newly grown hair, hence it is healthy. Conditioner is used to moisturise dry ends as opposed to healthy hair. In this case, only apply considerable amount of conditioner to the hair below ear level. Too much conditioner on top of your head result not only in greasy hair, but also damages in hair roots.

No Beauty Sleep

Sleep is a primary need as important as food. When you do not sleep, the body produce excessive inflammation and increase insulin resistance. These two bad boys cause acnes. Sleep deprivation also causes sagging skin and premature aging. We totally understand how hard it is to catch up on sleep as busy bees. Our suggestion is to space out night outings and organise a late working schedule to enable proper rest. On the weekend, take turns with your partner to take care of the kids or finish up housework.

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