The 5 Divorce Trends

Marriage is no longer an institution that many hold dear as these five divorce trends can tell you.

Each year, the divorce statistics are growing and amicable splits have taken on a new spin. While it has become some sort of a norm for couple to part ways, there are an entrepreneurial (distasteful) few who would take advantage of the situation to make it all seem ok.

1. Divorce Hotel

This is the brainchild of a Dutch entrepreneur, Jim Halfens. Couples who no longer feel the love can check into a divorce hotel for the weekend and cut the cord. By Sunday morning, you will no longer be tied together as man and wife. No worries of things turning messy here. The hotels are rated 5-star and a team of professionals including lawyers, real estate agents and etc will be there to help you out. Services can be charged at an hourly rate or a fixed price, which are determined by the hotel guests.

2. Divorce Party

Divorces are usually pretty ugly and many hire divorce party planners to “celebrate” the end of union instead of moping about with pent-up emotions. A little research around the web suggests that it is usually the women who throw this party, sort of like a “thank God it’s over!” moment, having done with the divorce proceedings as well as their ex-husbands. Some even go to the extent of setting their wedding dresses ablaze. Ultimately, these parties were about solidarity and for the newly divorced woman not to feel alone.

3. Divorce Cake

Nothing a good ‘ol treat won’t help. With every celebratory parties, you need a cake to complete the festivities including divorce. A new wave of bakers are taking a fresh approach to help women celebrate the finalisation of a divorce. A common fixture is the divorce cake toppers with the traditional bride and groom of wedding cake topper in a not so lovey-dovey pose anymore. The concept is quite cute and fun but many might be too heartbroken to actually enjoy the party, let alone the cake.

4. Wedding Ring Coffin

Well, till death do us part indeed! Just like how a normal funeral would be, you need a coffin to bury the dead, in this case your dead marriage. The ring casket is designed to provide a ceremonial end for a real sense of closure. Many even go to through an eulogy to reflect the difficult time and bury the casket. After that, you have your divorce cake and a little gathering among friends to “mourn” the dead.

5. Divorce Ring

If you don’t want to bury your rings, an idea is to transform them into new pieces of jewellery. But why would you carry around something that remind you of your ex eh? How about celebrate your new status with a new ring? Specifically, the divorce rings. The 18k gold Spritzer and Furman piece features a broken heart spilt by a diamond bolt to symbolise the split. Your new found status will be available for all to see.

Gwen Ong

Gwen Ong believes in looking at the little details of life. Good music, paper crafts and man's best friends make her day. She secretly harbours a wish to travel the world as a nomad one day.

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