TWG Tea Salon & Boutique in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Back in May, we wrote about the arrival of much awaited TWG Tea Salon & Boutique in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

Today, we were at the official launch and managed to sample some of the signature teas such as the Silvermoon Tea, and the refreshing Red of Africa Iced Tea whilst savouring some delectable treats.

The TWG Tea collection numbers well over 1,000 different single estate harvests and exclusive tea blends for every tea producing country in the world, and are constantly sourcing, innovating, expanding, and refining the teas in its collection. TWG Tea take their teas seriously; each type is a reflection of specific culture and civilizations, and therefore its essence is always respected, yet adapted to local tastes.

At the TWG Tea Salon, everything is taken into account to get the best out of tea which includes climate, water, atmosphere, and the sensitivity of a given nation to flavours and accompanying dishes. The required amount of tea, water temperature and steeping time varies with each tea and the TWG Tea in-house tea advisors monitor these aspects tea by tea so that customers are certain to enjoy the finest tasting experience.

If you’re thinking of presenting the finest teas as a gift, look no further than the TWG Tea Boutique! Purchase beautifully packaged tea with more than 450 of the most celebrated fine harvest and exclusive tea blends in the world, all of which may be purchased by weight from 50 grams in sachets or perfectly accessorised in one of TWG Tea’s 45 bespoke tea tins.

From exquisite Caviar Teas that come in beautiful tins, to the Haute Couture line – you will find all varieties ranging from black, white, green, and red teas.

If you’re ever overwhelmed by the amount of tea available at TWG Tea, you may purchase the TWG Tea Book so you may be more informed in making your next tea order!

At the TWF Tea Boutique, you will also find an astounding array of takeaway tea-infused patisseries such as the chocolate bonbons,  gourmet chocolate bars in jewel-toned packaging, macarons, and other delicious sweet treats.

With hundreds of exquisite tea accessories to complement the selection of teas, including TWG Tea designs such as hand-blown glass teapots, mirror-finish platinum tea bowls, and the much acclaimed Design Teapot which keeps tea warm for over an hour, tea-lovers will be able to find everything they need from TWG Tea Salon & Boutique.

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

Level 2, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

168, Jalan Bukit Bintang

55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603 – 2142 9922

Monday – Sunday (10am – 10pm)

Audra Roslani

Coming from the fast-paced chaotic world of PR, Audra believes that stress can be managed in three stages: Visualisation of the perfect vacation in the long run, a glass of Teh Ais (be it of local, English, Taiwanese or Japanese variety) at the end of a long day, and most importantly in the therapeutic power of cat pictures for immediate stress relief.

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