Face Reading: What Your Eyebrows Say About Your Health

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the eyebrows could possibly be its window frame. 

There are several familiar Chinese idioms related to the eyebrows. For example, how it frames a person’s face in times of sadness, cheerfulness and so on can describe his or her mood or facial expression. A person’s eyebrows can also reveal his or her thinking and personality. It is plausible to say that the eyebrows are important.

In terms of Face Reading, the eyebrows are the “plus points” for a person, especially for women. For a person possessing delicate facial features but his/her eyebrows and facial features does not match, the entire impression of that person can be reduced. Indeed, a perfect facial match can really be pleasant to look at.

However, when we talk about health, eyebrows seem irrelevant or not related to health issues. But I believe that this is untrue because as long as you have studied Chinese Face Reading, you will find that facial features are closely related to the physical health status. Therefore, the eyebrows should not be excluded.

The Types of Eyebrows

There are more than fifty types of eyebrows namely, Eight-Character Eyebrows, One-Character Eyebrows, Willow Leaf Eyebrows and so on. Take a look at your eyebrows and those around you. You can see that every one of us might fit into more than just one ‘type’.

For example, you could have a combination of Reverse Growth Eyebrow Hair and Hook Eyebrows, or at the same time, have the traits of the Upward Growing Eyebrow Hair. Based on the eyebrows’ characteristics and traits, you are able to interpret the information and analyses together to form varied and unique readings.

In Face Reading, the eyebrows are known as the Insurance Officer and it represents one’s life expectancy and quality of life. It can also indicate if you will be well-supported by Noble People in your life, or suffer through indignities, betrayal, and neglect at the hand of others. In addition, the eyebrows can convey a person’s character – particularly in terms of their courage and how they respond to life’s adversities, or if one is kind-hearted or malicious.

The Hundred Years Map in Face Reading shows that each position on the face represents a person’s luck at different ages. The eyebrows represent a person at ages 31 to 34. In my book ‘Discover Face Reading’, I had mentioned that the eyebrows can be divided into two parts – the head of the eyebrow and the tail of the eyebrow. The head of the eyebrow represents ages 31 and 32, while ages 33 and 34 is represented by the tail of the eyebrow.

The position for men and women are different. For men, the head of the left eyebrow represents age 31, while the head of the right eyebrow represents age 32; the left eyebrow tail represents age 33, while the right eyebrow tail represents age 34. For women, the sequence begins with the right eyebrow head.

In the Twelve Palaces, the eyebrows are known as the Siblings Palace. This Palace denotes the relationship between a person and his/her siblings – the sibling’s abilities and personality, health situation, and the level of support.

For example, a chip on the eyebrow denotes that one’s sibling have a health problem, particularly of the heart. If one’s right eyebrow has a chip, it denotes that their sister is suffering from health issues. On the contrary, if it appears at one’s left eyebrows, it denotes that their brother’s health is threatened.

The Relationship between Health and The Eyebrows

The eyebrows are related to the lungs and liver. If a mole or green veins appears at the eyebrow head, it denotes lung problems. Conversely, if the eyebrow tail has these two features, then you better pay more attention to your liver. If one’s eyebrow is growing in a confusing direction and have narrow cheeks, coupled with the mouth shape of the Reverse Boat Mouth, this person may be suffering from depression.

One eyebrow type that can easily distinguish a person’s health problems is the Dry Eyebrows. The eyebrows are short, sparse and look very dry. For those with the Dry Eyebrows, it denotes that one is of bad temperament, complains a lot, has a calculative nature, excitable and cautious. In terms of health, the Dry Eyebrows, combined with a pale skin colour, will denote that one might have anemia and problems related to the respiratory system.

If the eyebrows’ hair is white, one should pay attention to your health, as it is the first symptom of liver problems. If the distance between the eyes and the eyebrows are too narrow, of the complexion between the eyebrows is black and dull, one should go for a medical checkup immediately.

Healthy eyebrows that reflect good health will appear sleek, polished and lush, and has a neat appearance. Eyebrows like this indicate people who are clear-minded, have a healthy lifestyle and are less likely to fall ill.

In addition, those over the age of 40, where the latter part of the eyebrows will grow longer, it denotes that this person’s life expectancy is longer, and that his/her health is quite good.

To determine whether a person has poor health, you need to observe the features of the eyebrows, and observe the facial skin colour. The face is the best health warning signal – the most direct and hides no secret to reflect one’s health levels of the body.

Face Reading is a comprehensive and interesting study. To obtain accurate readings, it is necessary to put all the facial features together into consideration for proper analysis. Recommended reading: ‘Face Reading Essentials – Eyebrows’, ‘Discover Face Reading’ and the ‘Art of Face Reading’.

Jessie Lee

Jessie Lee is a qualified BaZi consultant for Joey Yap Research International and an instructor with Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. Other than BaZi, she is also professionally trained in classical Feng Shui, Mian Xiang, Date Selection and Yi Jing.

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