July 31st, National Orgasm Day

Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s a resounding answer to human kind’s oldest pastime – sex!

Today, July 31st is supposedly National Orgasm Day. Nevermind which national, the question is how are you going to celebrate? and, why you should.

Orgasms have been shown to relieve tension, promote better sleep, burn calories and even calm cravings. The British National Health Service even rolled out a brochure to hormonally-charged young teens that says “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.”

Research also shows that men who have two or more orgasms a week are likely to live longer than guys who have fewer than that. Before you dismissed that only the guys get the good stuff, another study shows that women who report enjoying intercourse also have longer lifespan than ladies who had less pleasure in sex.

Having said that, don’t fret if you can’t ‘come’ during intercourse. About 70% of women are not able to and that’s normal. And if you think only women ‘fake it’, you’ve got another thing coming. The 2012 lifestyle survey on askmen.com found that men are just as guilty of faking it at least once. But not all is lost, 92% of the men surveyed said it matters to have their partner reach orgasm.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Right. If you still want to try achieving orgasm, the secret is to put pressure on your clitoris by rotating your pelvis during sex. According to sex expert Tracey Cox, good positions to do so are with the woman on top or with the man behind.

Tip – the more you tighten your pelvic muscles, the more intense your orgasm will be. Those pelvic exercises should come in handy at this point.  

Another trick to great orgasm is to use different forms of stimulation. It’s all about tingling the senses. If you’re fueled by alcohol, your orgasm would not be all that great because your senses would have been dulled by then. So go au naturel and lose the inhibition.

Tip – never forget the appetiser, indulge in a little foreplay to set the mood and switch positions gradually to increase stimulation. 

Sex guide book also advocates that the best way to achieve great orgasm is to get your mind racing even before you take your clothes off. An orgasm is essentially to release muscular tension, so the longer you’re mentally aroused, the more mind-blowing your climax would be.

Tip – get that dirty mind flowing; read a racy novel (50 Shades of Grey anyone?), dance naked, check out the Olympic swimmers, anything. You should be dying to have sex when you’re fully turned on.

If all else fail, at least masturbation helps for some self-satisfaction. Nobody knows your body better than you, so get in touch with yourself. 😉


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