IKEA 2013 Catalogue – Online Version

The time to outfit your home with new, pretty things is here. Even if you weren’t planning on doing it, you might just change your mind after seeing the new catalogue from Ikea.

The Swedish giant has just released the 2013 bundle of goodies and we’re spotting a lot of beautiful furniture, storage space solutions and knick-knacks to kick start our outfitting project. Trust them Swedes to invoke the Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray in all of us.

Here are some decorating ideas should you plan on doing some redecorating :)

Living space – This is where you share the story of you to visitors. So dedicate this area to show the places you’ve been or things you’ve accomplished. Not forgetting, it has to be as comfy as possible, so play up with soft throws and plush cushions.

Bedroom – The key to a good night sleep is not just about the bed, it has a lot to do with the surroundings as well. The bedroom should have warm lighting to set the mood and soft materials to snuggle up in.

Kitchen/Dining Area – This is called the heart of the home because a lot of activities takes place here. Organise your stuff so you have a lot of space to play with and interact with everyone that comes this way. Minimum is key.

Bathroom – A girl’s favourite spot other than the malls, should be clean and comforting. Play with white and pastels to have your own home-spa where you can retreat and soak your stress away.

Wall hangings – Choose your fondest memories to be displayed on the walls. Be it photos or travel memorabilia, it should make you feel happy every time you walk pass and it’s not too bad to get your guests curious too.

Indoor greens – Go artificial or better yet, go real to show off your green fingers. It’s nice to have a little green touch inside the house for that freshness.

Check out Ikea Malaysia 2013 catalogue here.

Gwen Ong

Gwen Ong believes in looking at the little details of life. Good music, paper crafts and man's best friends make her day. She secretly harbours a wish to travel the world as a nomad one day.

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