Purchase of Mooncakes to Aid National Kidney Foundation Patients

It’s that time of year again, where delicious Mooncakes greet us from every corner and tempting us with all the tasty, new flavours available in celebration of family, joy, and togetherness!

This year, why not do your bit for charity by ordering your Mooncakes made with less sugar by Bee’s Bakery through ‘The Gift of Love’?

Priced at RM45 per box, these wholesome and appetizing Mooncakes come in assorted flavours: Sweet Corn Mung BeanSesame Red BeanGreen Tea Mung Bean and Lotus Paste Single Yolk. These delectable festive treats can be delivered free, within select areas in the Klang Valley with orders of 10 boxes and above.

In line with the National Kidney Foundation’s (NKF) ‘The Gift of Love’ campaign, proceeds will be channeled towards improving the lives of NKF’s patients in need of dialysis treatment through the purchase of a Dialyzer Reprocessor.

Last call for order is 15 September 2012 and your contribution will be tax-exempted.

For more information, email fundraising@nkf.org.mycontact Ms Sue Lee at 03-7954-9048 or visit the NKF website.


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