Healthy Snacking with Jacob’s Weetameal

Is there such a thing as healthy snacking? 

It is hard to find something to snack on without feeling the guilt. Like most people, we here at planet, get the munchies right around 4pm every day. And being surrounded by so many (sinful) options, it takes a whole lot of willpower not to succumb.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Try out other alternatives of course. Enter Jacob’s Weetameal.

When I was in college, my mum would get me Jacob’s Weetameal biscuits because she said “it’s ho-chiak” – that’s delicious in Hokkien if you’re wondering. And the plus point is that it’s really healthy to snack on.

Mothers are always right. Not only did the weetameal taste good, I was hooked on eating it and replenishing the tin whenever supply ran low. Fast forward a few years, mum did the same for my younger brothers who were going off for further studies.

Now as work takes up most of my time, I still crave for the crunchy weetameal when the going gets tough.

Here’s what is interesting, researchers say that the office snacking habit is sort of like our coping mechanism against stress. We use food to comfort ourselves from the pressing feelings of deadlines, meetings and such. Hmm…

So I guess if you’re going on a snacking binge, it should be a tasty and healthy one. What can be testified is that Jacob’s Weetameal is enjoyed by both young and old. Some of us have it in the morning with a hot beverage as breakfast, while others go creative and enjoy their weetameal with a spread of kaya, tuna and etc.

Good choice as weetameal is made with 75% wheat cereal and fortified with Vitamin A, iron, iodine and calcium. Did you know if you consume seven pieces per day, you will achieve approximately 10% of the Recommended Nutrition Intake (RNI) that your body needs daily?

The most appealing thing about Jacob’s Weetameal is the fact that it has less oil and you can really taste the aroma of good wheat in every bite. The girls in the office are also a fan and we’re safe in the knowledge that this is really one healthy snack.

Besides, weetameal is also a good source of complex carbohydrate. So this means we are able to go the extra mile with energy to face the demands of our daily task.

Well-balanced diet? Challenge accepted. :)

Gwen Ong

Gwen Ong believes in looking at the little details of life. Good music, paper crafts and man's best friends make her day. She secretly harbours a wish to travel the world as a nomad one day.

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