5 Sexy Ways to Burn Calories

Did you know that an hour of kissing can burn up to 120 calories?

For some of us, hitting the gym comes naturally. But for some others (or should we say most of us?) who dread exercising, we have some good news for you. Regular sexy times, including smooching and making out, could burn calories too!

We have heard about sex as a miraculous way to de-stress; it’s about time you find out how much exactly you can burn through intimate moments.

Lovebirds, take note!

1. Kissing: 68 – 120 calories / hour

Many couples kiss less as their relationship progresses – when other sexual activities become a priority. Experts suggest for couples to kiss more, for it is believed to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Plus, it could burn some calories too! Remember that passionate kissing burns more calories than passive smooching, and standing up while kissing gives your body more of a workout than sitting down. Relive the sweet first kisses memories and help each other burn some cals in the process!

2. Massaging: 80 calories / hour

Rather than waking up grumpy in the morning from stiff shoulders – why not take turns with your partner in giving massages for each other? Some people, including yours truly, are not really comfortable to have their partners serviced by masseuses – so the best way to handle the conundrum would be to get hands on. Sexy time need not always be steaming hot; a massage session followed by cuddling could just be as fulfilling as sex.

3. Oral sex: 100 calories / half hour

For those who are still searching for justification in being on the giving end in oral sex, this could be your epiphany moment. When you go down on your man, your breathing gets heavy and the movement you make could burn some calories. Do a little push-up move while going down on your partner to make it more of an exercise.

4. Making out: 238 calories / half hour

Fully-clothed make out burns the most calories out of all sexual activities – even more than having sex. This is due to the fact that anticipation gets your heart thumping – which results in calorie burning. If you and your partner are really into shedding some calories, keep the room temperature warm (no air-con please!), this will trigger you to sweat more and help you shed more cals.

5. Sex: 144 calories / half hour

Here is the reason why you should head home straight from work, and get ready for some sexy time. Besides burning calories, sex also increases your immunity and lifts up your mood because the activity releases feel-good chemicals including serotonine. The kind of sex that will burn the most calories is the one that lasts, and involves a lot of movements. Do not hesitate to try new positions, because different poses can help you burn more, too.

The top three burners are standing up, missionary position and woman on top. Communicate with your partner to find what you two like and dislike in order for both parties to reach orgasm; because an orgasm alone could burn up to 100 calories!

Note: the above calorie counter is based on a 68kg woman.

credits: Woman’s Day, LA Weekly

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