Just Married: Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

Say hello to Mr & Mrs Reynolds!

Manipulated image. (credits: usmagazine.com)

Our eyes popped in excitement when we heard that one of the most good looking couples in Tinseltown (on a very close tie with Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone), have just tied the knot over the weekend. In a report by People, the couple got married in a modest ceremony at Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., just outside of Charleston on Sunday night (Monday morning Malaysian time).

The wedding ceremony was held in a white tent whilst Blake’s good friend Florence Welch (lead singer of Florence & The Machine) performed three songs for the happy newlyweds. The couple’s wedding cake was reportedly being driven all the way from Virginia. Earlier last week, Blake’s sister and mum were spotted in town, having lunch with veteran singer/actress Bette Middler who was also present at the ceremony.

Blake and Ryan have been spending a lot of quality time this year, after buying a house together in Bedford, New York. The two have been spotted hitting the gym together, as well as spending time with both families in New York and Vancouver, Ryan’s hometown. It is apparent that Ryan is putting a lot of effort to make this relationship works, since Ryan’s previous marriage with Scarlett Johansson fell apart because the two rarely had quality time due to packed schedules.

It was love on set for the happy couple, when they became co-star for superhero flick ‘Green Lantern’. Although the movie did not fare that well in the box office, it was a total hit in the love department for its main stars. Blake and Ryan have been dating for almost a year, and in July, the news of their marriage set netizens ablaze – after a police officer mistakenly addressed Blake as Ryan’s ‘wife’ in the police report he lodged against a paparazzi. The cop later stated that it was a mistake on his part.

Congratulations, Blake and Ryan!

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