Child’s Own Studio – Turning drawings into reality

If you’re a regular pinner on Pinterest, you would have come across many pins of children’s drawing becoming real. Well, sort of. 

Credit: Child’s Own Studio

Child’s Own Studio is a clever and cute idea where a woman creates stuffed toys based on children’s drawings.

This is the brainchild of Wendy Tsao, a creative mum who is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Credit: Child’s Own Studio

“When my son started kindergarten, his school asked for a comfort toy to put in his emergency preparation kit. Instead of sending in one of his favourite stuffed toys or running to the store to buy something, I decided to sew one myself,” explains Wendy.

It was a drawing that his son drew all the time that she got the idea to make it into a real stuffed toy. Huge eye circles, stick arms and ten long wispy digits.

Credit: Child’s Own Studio

Fast forward that to five years later and Wendy is now fully emerged in child-commissioned toys. She creates whimsical creatures using the child’s own imagination and the characters can be anything from a stick figure to robots, bears, etc. Her creation stay true to the original drawing as much as possible and most toys take her about one to two days to complete.

Credit: Child’s Own Studio

The results have been nothing short of spectacular and the strong resemblance is amazing. It’s truly one of a kind as no one drawing is ever the same. And to see your child’s work of art coming to life is enough to send any parents teary and the kid into full delight.

Her creativity is making her into a household name, yet she has requested that fans keep her work a secret for a while. Requests have been pouring in from the whole world and due to the overwhelming response, she is not taking orders for commission work for now. However, other softie makers are listed on her site for those who are really looking to get the toys done.

Source: Cool Hunting

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