Lash Lovelies by Benefit, Now in Malaysia

Custom-designed falsies range by Benefit is now available in Malaysia.

Think pin up girls and ‘perfectly curled hair’, ‘body-hugging outfits’ and ‘dramatic eyes’ would come to mind. One of the luscious ladies’ top beauty secret is over-the-top eyelashes. The falsies. When you have the right falsies on, all you need is the perfect red lips and oh la la – one hot pin up girl coming right up!

It all sounds perfect until a bump comes up – falsies are tricky! Whilst stars like Katy Perry has a team of makeup artists, and beauty junkies are trained to cut and apply those falsies to perfection, trembling hands are the problem for many. Remember the lash dilemmas we wrote about sometime back?

[youtube id=”OEwebD_q3fc” width=”595″ height=”370″]

The ever-so-retro cosmetic brand Benefit has come up with their first-ever lashes range: Lash Lovelies. Available in nine types, the Lash Lovelies is custom-made to fit like a glove. From natural daily looks to dramatic doll eyes – there is something for everyone. The sweetest sound to our ears, however, is the claim that Lash Lovelies is not only made for the pros – it practicality enables beauty hopefuls to get your pretty on in a matter of minutes.

Dubbed ‘the collection that has got more lash looks than the number of days’, here are the falsies from Lash Lovelies:

  • Starlet Lash: demi lashes for a glamorous doe-eyed look
  • Big Spender Lash: flared lashes for a temptingly sexy look
  • Prima Donna Lash: finely-crossed lashes for a va-va-voom look
  • Little Flirt Lash: varied length lashes for a playful babydoll look
  • Pin-up Lash: multi-layered lashes for seductive drama
  • Debutante Lash: refined, delicate lashes for natural beauty
  • Angel Lash: curled & precisely separated lashes for a perfectly pretty look
  • Rochette Lash: criss-cross lashes with a hint of sparkle for a show-stopping look
  • Going Solo Lash: individual lashes for custom fullness & length

Each pair of falsies is priced at RM40 while the lash glue costs RM15. Lash Lovelies are now on sale at Benefit Brows & Boutiques Malaysia at Parkson KLCC (03 – 2164 2187), Parkson Pavilion (03-2141 4601), and Parkson 1 Utama (03 – 7725 3566). For more info, visit Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia’s Facebook page.

Nina Hidayat

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