The 7 Best Marriage Proposals

Ahh the holiday! What better way to kill time and get in touch with our human emotions a little by watching some lovey-dovey videos on the Internet.

There’s something about marriage proposal that sends the heart a-fluttering and the eyes all teary. While some proposals are kept intimate and private, most are always sweet, creative and reflect the bond each shares with their other half.

Get the tissue ready and feel the love.

1. Matt Still & Ginny Joiner

The tradition is that a boy must ask the father for her daughter’s hand in marriage and that was what exactly what Matt did. No spoilers here, just watch the video.

[youtube id=”pnVAE91E7kM”]

2. Jeff Gurwin & Caitlin Fitzsimons

This guy deserves credit for the creative proposal. Simple yet the message was loud and clear, check out the mural proposal.

[youtube id=”9m_Ajrcxfug”]

3. Isaac Lamb & Amy Frankel

The now infamous song “Marry You” by Bruno Mars has become a top choice in the art of proposing. This lip dub proposal is cute, sweet and just warms the heart.

[youtube id=”7yNdpaSBTzo”]

4. Justin Davis & Nikki Marquez

Who can forget this proposal which was on the reality show Mobbed?

[youtube id=”UcrQWp5eUB4″]

5. Russell Breton & Kelli Gould

This proposal has all the element of surprise, sweetness, thoughtfulness and yet intimate enough that you share with just the two of you.

[youtube id=”oVbX-4n0D4s”]

6. Jen & Khim

Marriage is about starting a life together. This man recounted the journey through the last seven years he has spent with his girlfriend and made a beautiful proposal for her.

[youtube id=”ZS4kxGEc9oo”]

7. Timothy Tiah & Audrey Ooi

Nothing could make a video go viral like this one. Meme proposal is fresh and the idea is so sweet that you wish nothing but happiness for the lovely couple.

[youtube id=”PA3Cd-To8io”]

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Gwen Ong believes in looking at the little details of life. Good music, paper crafts and man's best friends make her day. She secretly harbours a wish to travel the world as a nomad one day.

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