Eye Want Candy: Joel Kinnaman

The Swedish hunk who is turning into a cyborg come 2013.

Who is this Joel?

While the name may sound a little strange, Joel Kinnaman would be a familiar face to TV junkies thanks to his spot-on role on ‘The Killing’ following the success of Swedish blockbuster ‘Easy Money’. Born of a Swedish mother and an American father, Joel spent half his life in Sweden before making the move when he was 17. More eyes are on him after scoring the coveted deal to be H&M’s new face, alongside Lana del Rey no less. Set to be the next household name in Hollywood for playing title role in the upcoming remake of ‘RoboCop’ (2013), we take you in a journey to get to know Joel Kinnaman, the talented hottie.

5 Reasons to scream ‘Eye want Joel!’

5. He is not hungry for Hollywood

Hollywood is the Holy Grail for commercial artists, and it is only normal for aspiring actors to do just about anything to make it to Hollywood. Joel Kinnaman stopped acting in his twenties although his ‘star’ status is legitimate in Sweden. Taking up average Joe jobs – from construction to insurance – he only came back to acting after graduating from Swedish School of Drama and a few hit roles back home. And so happens, Hollywood is hungry for him instead.

I absolutely don’t feel that I have to take any role that I can get just because it is the United States. I’m looking for something interesting, I’m still young in my artistry, and I must dare to do things even when there’s a risk for failure.

4. Double hotties – Joel Kinnaman & Olivia Munn

Joel has been in a relationship with American actress Olivia Munn since March – who has previously been linked to Justin Timberlake and Mathew Morrison. Joel has taken her to see his mum, Bitte, and was reportedly seeking for the right ring to pop the question.

Bitte’s very important to Joel so getting her approval was key – Olivia adorably said.

3. He ain’t too shabby as a model either

We bet it is Joel’s mysterious eyes that caught the hearts’ of the people behind H&M. Modeling the Autumn/Winter collection this year, we must say Joel is not at all robotic as a male model. Our favourite shot? Must be the one featuring his sneaky look in this dark blue coat.

2. A communal sort of guy

[youtube id=”fU2r9NSNXlM” width=”595″ height=”370″]

Joel has five siblings – all girls; and being the only son in the family has made him so used to being around people. Solitude is not so much of his forte, as he confessed. We found this really cute in the day where men compete to be all strong and independent.

1. A hunk who surfs

To stay grounded amidst the fame he has been, and will be getting, Joel takes up surfing as a hobby. Surfing is no strange thing in Sweden, it is in fact a local pastime. That, combined with a naturally cool aura he carries around alongside all the hunky qualities – we have no doubt that Joel could be the next ‘it’ lad in the industry.

When I catch that wave, I feel like, I’m doing it! Nothing is more powerful than the ocean.

What you’ll need to make your man look like Joel Kinnaman:

haircut: crewcut with side-swept bang

casual: basic t-shirts, leather jacket, grey cardigan, chinos, jeans, white sneakers

formal: single-breasted suit in black or grey, worn with wing tip-collared shirt, skinny black tie and shiny black leather loafers

accessories: wayfarer sunglasses

Image credits: fuckyeahjoelkinnaman.tumblr.com, malecelebbio.com, justjared.com, filmledger.com, article.wn.com, zimbio.com, Du Jour Magazine

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