Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld’s Mon Shu Girl Collection

Tokyo has always been the inspiration for many an artist thanks to its vibrant city life and unique individuals that roam the city, and it seems even Karl Lagerfeld himself could not be spared!

The illustrious designer has paired up with Japanese cosmetics brand, Shu Uemura – famous for their Tokyo Lash Bars and eyelash curlers that are second to none, to come up with the Mon Shu girl, a mascot for the brand that encapsulates “Japanese pop meets European chic” to a Tee.

The kawaii Mon Shu dolly, which is a play on the French term of endearment ‘mon chou’ meaning “my darling” – takes a cue from Japanese schoolgirls, whose uniforms Lagerfeld finds impeccable. “They dress a little like me, even if this is more exaggerated,” said the designer.

[youtube id=”wnSdltMe5rA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Mon Shu has a short jet black bob with straight bangs, large purple-shadowed red eyes, signature Japanese pink cheeks, red lips, and dressed in Karl’s signature high white collar and black tie. The look could be classified as severe, but then again, isn’t that what Tokyo fashion is all about – pushing the boundaries?

Karl Lagerfeld has previously stated that he uses Shu Uemura cosmetics to sketch his designs, and has done for over 20 years because “other manufacturers do not offer such beautiful colors.”

He added that, “I wanted to invent my personal vision of a Japanese manga. An Eastern, perfect, mysterious, modern beauty.”

The collection branded as SUKL features lots of wonderful must-haves for the Shu Uemura fangirl, and the signature colour is definitely the Mon Shu Red which is featured throughout specifically on the lipstick, nail polish, and two pairs of false lashes (one is apparently made of red and black fabric, which is a first for the brand).

Other items available in the range are a purple gel eyeliner, four lip shades, nail varnishes (which will come with a strip of nail stickers featuring Mon Shu), a brush set, eyeshadow palettes and items from their Tsuya range. But what we’re really excited about at is the eyelash curler with the red strip and Mon Shu chain attached!

The collection is set to hit stores around the world in October and we cannot wait to get our paws on this collection!

For more information, visit the Shu Uemura Malaysia Facebook page.

Audra Roslani

Coming from the fast-paced chaotic world of PR, Audra believes that stress can be managed in three stages: Visualisation of the perfect vacation in the long run, a glass of Teh Ais (be it of local, English, Taiwanese or Japanese variety) at the end of a long day, and most importantly in the therapeutic power of cat pictures for immediate stress relief.

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