5 Things To Do On A Slow Work Day

So you’ve wrapped that meeting up and closed the deal for the bosses, you’ve got some free time now and you don’t know what to do. This new sensation is alien to you and you’re fidgeting because there isn’t much to do.

Well, for those who are lucky enough to catch a break. Congratulations! Your multi-tasking and problem-solving skills must have earned you some brownie points.

So, how do you past a work day now that you’ve got extra hours to spare? Facebooking and online shopping are not it. Here are three productive suggestions:

1. Organise Emails

It’s very easy for us to lose track of correspondence, so you should always save messages and files away on your hard drive or your personal folder for later use. This could be anything from hiring to HR matters, or those emails about a tricky situation. It would do you (and your company) much good to save those replies so that you can refer and quote yourself using snazzy language for any similar situation next time.

Don’t forget to also save the positive feedback you’ve received on projects or comments from a key stakeholder, this way you can build up your resume to look impressive. This will also be a good time to clear unwanted emails.

2. Prepare & Organise

Open up your calendar and sort out what meetings or events you have coming up. You can start doing some research and prepare for them earlier, this gives you plenty of time to organise your thoughts and prepare the necessary materials.

Another thing that perhaps needs organising would be your desk or filing cabinet. Take this slow day to organise your paper work, clear unwanted fact sheet and throw away anything you don’t need anymore. The whole idea is to de-clutter productively.

2. Offer Help

Spare time? Spare a thought for your colleagues. This is the perfect time to offer help to those from your own department or any other. You could be learning more about other parts of the organisation or gain some new skills. Chances are your colleagues will be so grateful for the extra hands and hopefully will return the favour the next time you need some extra help yourself.

If no one really needs your assistance, look for new projects to do. Is there a better way to communicate your marketing campaign across? Could your promotional materials use a clearer update? Take the initiative to project your interest in the organisation as a whole.

3. Catch-up Calls

Yes, you may be tempted to call up your sister to ask how her kids are doing but it would be better to take the opportunity to call up clients and stakeholders to touch base instead. It is important to build trust and strengthen the relationship among the people you work with. Ask them how things are going or their thoughts on any ideas or projects you’ve been discussing about.

One thing though, just make sure he or she is available to talk. There’s nothing worse than to chat away to kill your own time but waste theirs.

4. Read Up

Sometimes it would make no sense to start a project or approach a colleague when the clock ticks at 4.30pm on a Friday. If you just want to kill that short period of time productively, well the answer is to focus on your professional development.

Read up on anything that you’d like to know more about – leadership, networking, latest market trends, the likes. You’ll definitely increase your value as an employee by staying on the ball of things.

Source: Forbes

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