Malaysian Artist Red Created Massive Artwork with 1,500 A4 Papers

Red Hong Yi, an internationally renowned Malaysian artist, created a masterpiece with 1 HP printer, 1 ink cartridge and 1,500 A4 papers

Beauty with a brain is barely enough to describe the vibrant, immensely creative and beautiful Red Hong Yi (better known as Red). The 25-year-old Sabahan has seen different parts of the world and in turn created out-of-the-box artworks that could be enjoyed by anyone – yes, even if you are not a fan of paintings.

Her portrait of legendary basketball player Yao Ming earlier in the year, using a basketball as a ‘brush’, was a major success and since then, Red has been known as ‘the artist without a paintbrush’. She has transformed numerous figures into wonderful artworks, from Ai Weiwei to Adele, garnering attention from international media namely Wall Street Journal and ABC.

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to witness the unveiling of her latest masterpiece in conjunction with HP Deskjet Ink Advantage. Red was given 1 HP printer, 1 ink cartridge and 1,500 A4 papers to create a mind-blowing piece of art. And that, she did.

The aptly titled ‘Feathers’ artwork required Red to scan assorted genuine feathers on the A4 papers, to then combine and form them into a massive 14 metres-high and 6 metres-wide image of a soaring bird! Red used everyday office stationery to assemble the masterpiece, including paper clips and adhesive tape. Using ordinary materials that could be found just about anywhere is Red’s signature, having ‘painted’ with socks, candles and coffee cups before.

What laid before our eyes upon the artwork revelation was this gracious, gigantic and glorious portrayal of a bird with its wings opened. Who knows the plain A4 papers that we take for granted could be transformed into a jawdrop-worthy piece of art? The details, created using the painstaking pointillism technique, were so vivid that we got goosebumps the first second we saw it. Amazing? Nah, we’ll settle for groundbreaking.

Here’s the behind the scene video of ‘Feathers’ by Red Hong Yi, and stay tuned for our exclusive interview with the talented artist herself.

*Red Hong Yi used a HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2520hc All-in-One printer (RM389) and HP 46 Black Ink Cartridge (RM37). One HP 46 Black Ink Cartridge is able to print up to 1,500 pages. For more info on HP’s latest products, visit HP Malaysia website.


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