[Event] Big Bad Wolf Books Sale, Dec7-23 at MIECC

If you’re like any of us book lovers here, you’d know that the biggest book sale of the country is happening soon.

The Big Bad Wolf Books Sale is back, bigger and badder!

There is just something about books – the smell, the feel, the look – all of which just gets everyone intoxicated with glee. A healthy affixation is what I’d like to call it. For books are the nourisher of soul and mind.

This year’s Big Bad Wolf Sale is definitely getting the thumbs up if last night’s fresh-from-the-oven site is any indication. An estimation of 3 million books will be on offer and what’s one word that is sure to get us squealing? DISCOUNT! Yup, the Wolf is throwing us books at 75%-95% off!

Now that’s knowledge at a bargain!

Happening from December 7th-23rd at the Mines Convention Centre or MIECC, you can bet your ringgit that almost every genre of fiction and non-fiction can be found at the sale. Price, titles information and map are also listed on site. We’ve already spotted some books we’re aiming to cart away! And these make perfect gifts for Christmas too!

For those planning on a trip (or two, three, four…) to the BBW, a word of advice – get there early and bring a trolley with you!

These are two essential things to remember when faced with rows upon rows of books imaginable. You’d want to pick out the books while it’s neatly stacked away and placed it into a wheelie bag so that you have the energy to make the rounds without being bogged down lugging the heavy books.

Roll on Dec 7th! We are ready for the invasion! 😛

For more information on the Big Bad Wolf Books sale, check out their newly launched website here or be a fan on Facebook here.

Gwen Ong

Gwen Ong believes in looking at the little details of life. Good music, paper crafts and man's best friends make her day. She secretly harbours a wish to travel the world as a nomad one day.


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