Kuala Lumpur Crowned 2nd Best Shopping Destination in Asia Pacific

The latest Globe Shopper Index has crowned KL as the runner-up for best cities to shop in Asia Pacific, ahead of Singapore and Sydney.

Pavilion KL, one of the city’s leading shopping malls (credits: worldheritage.com.my)

Our city is not solely ours, as international shoppers start to recognise its attractiveness and flock to town. In the recent Globe Shopper Index, initiated by shopping tourism company Global Blue in conjunction with the Economist Intelligence Unit, KL tops 23 other cities to become one of the best shopping destinations in Asia Pacific.

Only Hong Kong scores higher than KL, making it the champion city. Completing the top 5 are Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore respectively. In the bottom half of the top 10 shopping destinations are Sydney, Bangkok, Tokyo, Seoul and Delhi.

In the survey, five main aspects are factored in to determine how ideal is a city as a shopping destination. The  measured aspects are shops, affordability, convenience, hotels and transport, and culture and climate.

KL clinches a high overall score (65.0 as compared to Hong Kong’s 68.0 and Shanghai’s 63.0) due to its affordability and wide choice of premium brands to shop from. The city’s public transport is rated moderately high, although not as convenient as some of other Asia Pacific’s shopping destinations.

“Kuala Lumpur’s specific strength is its ability to combine low prices with a good range of products in a large number of stores, including three of the world’s 10 biggest shopping malls,” the index report stated.

Malaysia has been grooming herself to be synonymous with shopping, as apparent from the recent effort to market Bukit Bintang area and KLCC as the country’s ‘premier shopping precinct’.

To this, we are both grateful and fearful. Malaysia’s rapid development as one of Asia’s main tourism destinations is good news to the country’s economic growth at large. In addition to  that, the act of attracting more international tourists will see KL, and hopefully other cities, getting better public facilities – including transportations and security system.

However, the focus on premium shopping in Malaysia may encourage the locals to be more consumptive and in turn cause inflation. Home industries are another economic group that might suffer from the backlash of such a high-class society, for the government may focus less in ensuring their longevity – all in the name of accommodating the international investors in the country.

To read the complete Globe Shopper Index report, visit Global Blue’s website.

Nina Hidayat

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