’50 Shapes of Grey’ Workout for Improved Sex Life

You either love or hate the ‘Mummyporn’ 50 Shades of Grey by EL James – but everyone can benefit from a workout program inspired by the book’s steamy sex scenes!

Kristen James, the creator of '50 Shapes of Grey' workout

Kristen James, the creator of ’50 Shapes of Grey’ workout

Kristen James, a New York-based exercise guru, has created¬†an original program called “The 50 Shapes Workout”, a sleek, seamless routine that incorporates specific movements that will enhance your sexual life, stamina and health.

Celebrating women of all shapes and sizes, this original program is guaranteed to be the next big trend in fitness as it stands for Empowerment, Strength and Sexuality. The 50 Shapes Workout targets glutes, upper body and the core.

According to the New York Daily News, there are 13 “sexercises” with sexy names such as “Bend-over Better”, “Dirty Diamond,” and the “Seductive Squat”, all which will translate to better sex – Ana and Christian style.

The S&M-inspired routines will not only help women of all ages (and fitness levels) to get lean and strong, but also help bring the self-confidence needed to dominate behind closed doors.

For more information, visit the Kristen James website.


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