MANICyours: Inglot’s ‘Halal’ Nail Polish Tested

In this VenusBuzz Exclusive, we tested out Inglot’s breathable nail polish line, O2M, to see if their claims were valid – that water could pass through the nail polish through a new technology using a new polymer KS-02 designed for contact lenses.

inglot halal nail polish o2m breathable nails

Now, to most women – this would not matter; but this could be a pretty big deal to Muslim women who aren’t allowed to use nail polish as it prohibits water from reaching their nails when cleansing themselves before prayer. Click on our earlier report here.

Before we begin on our test, we need to make a disclaimer: Firstly, we are not trained scientists; and quite honestly..didn’t really get good grades for chemistry in school either –  so take this test with a pinch of salt. It might not be accurate methodology, but it’s what made the most sense to us in testing out if these nail polishes were ‘breathable’ or not, in the comfort of our home and what we could find around us.

Secondly, we are not deciding for you if this qualifies as ‘Halal’ nail polish or not, but merely adding to the literature out there for you to make up your own mind. As far as we know to date, there aren’t many test results available online in regards to the breathable nail polish claims – so this is a VenusBuzz first!


Here’s what we did. We took one piece of a cotton pad, and cut it in two.

inglot o2m halal breathable nail polish test

Next, we applied a nail polish swab on both sides of the piece of cotton (to imitate the 2 layers of nail polish as we usually apply on the nail). On one piece, we used a popular nail polish brand (Brand ‘X’), and on the other piece, we used Inglot’s O2M nail polish in 643. We then placed this 2 pieces of cotton on an old newspaper.

inglot o2m halal breathable nail polish test 02

Next, using a syringe, we placed a single drop of water in the center of the nail polish swabs and left it there to see if the water absorbed through.

inglot o2m halal breathable nail polish test 03


10.42pm: We started the experiment by placing 1 drop of water in the center of the nail polish square for both samples.

10.45pm: The water droplet on the O2M is completely absorbed through the cotton, and leaves a wet spot on the newspaper.

inglot o2m halal breathable nail polish test 03

10.50pm: The water droplet on the other sample is still on top of the sample.

inglot's o2m halal nail polish breathable test 0

11.19pm: The water droplet on the other sample has disappeared, but no water stain on the newspaper.


The water droplet absorbed quickly in the Inglot O2M nail polish (within 2-3 minutes) as proved by the water stain on the newspaper. The Brand ‘X’ water droplet disappeared about half an hour later, but there was no water stain on the newspaper, so uncertain if it was absorbed into the nail polish or if it just evaporated.

Is this proof enough that the Inglot O2M nail polish is Halal? Probably not, as this needs to be certified by a governing body. However, if you think of any other tests that should be run, do leave us a comment at the bottom and we’d love to try it out  (if it’s not too complicated!).

Besides that, we loved the colours by Inglot; these three colours (642, 643, and 647) were gorgeous, deep purple colours that were multi-dimensional in colour and sort of reminded us of scarab beetles! These dried quickly, and looked good both with or without a top coat.

At RM62, these are something to consider on your next beauty splurge!

Audra Roslani

Coming from the fast-paced chaotic world of PR, Audra believes that stress can be managed in three stages: Visualisation of the perfect vacation in the long run, a glass of Teh Ais (be it of local, English, Taiwanese or Japanese variety) at the end of a long day, and most importantly in the therapeutic power of cat pictures for immediate stress relief.

  1. Thanks for this! I was really looking out for someone to test these nail polish.but i guess yeah i’m gonna wait for these to be certified halal before i go get it since it’s quite expensive

    1. yes, and I also want to know exactly how long the water to permeate onto the nail. Hopefully instantly. otherwise, it perhaps might be a pain to stand still and let the water flows on the nail for 3 minutes.

      1. it could be a pain, however, i think with the pressure of the water from the tap, it will penetrate even faster, maaybe you could do the same experiment while rubbing on the spot of nailpolish, to add pressure on the drop of water …. it could result in faster penetration, use something that doesnt absorb water though to rub.

  2. How do you remove O2M polish? Do you have to buy the Inglot remover? Do you have nay idea what it’s made of since it’s not made of toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) or camphor. So what does it have?

  3. i m worried about nail polish that how can i offer prayer coz wadu cant be accomplish if nail polish is remain. but Inglote solve my problem many scholars said inglot’s polosh is suitable for prayers

    1. Dear Maryam,
      could you please tell me which scholar said Inglot was suitable for prayers? It would help me a lot. Thank you

  4. Muslims must use Halal products according to the teachings of Islam . with nail polish you can never touch Quran and perform Nimaz.Women is not allowed to show off.very good message conveyed by this article good effort made by author appreciate your effort good concept discussed by author may Allah give you more time to clear more concepts like this. May Allah give you more strength to write articles like this article has got a place in my heart. in these days Muslims has gone away from the true teachings of Islam. the authors like you can play a good role to create a society which would be based on the true teachings of Islam. i really appreciate you.

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