Dating: What His Touches Mean?

Men and women exchange contact on a daily basis. But what does it really mean when he touches you here or there? Let’s decipher.

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Man touch woman

Men are notorious for not always saying what’s on their mind, so a good indication is the way he moves. How he touches a woman, casually or accidentally, can tell a lot about how he feels about you. Body language after all makes up about 55% of our communication.

But is it platonic? Romantic? Or sexual? Oh, it can get so confusing sometimes.

Well, don’t get your knickers in a twist just yet. Welcome to our body language crash course.


Our face is the one area of our body that we are fiercely protective of. That is why we have established that personal space with our very own imaginary boundary. No one is supposed to cross that line and we rarely let anyone do so.

When a man brushes your cheeks, taps your nose, rubs your chin or touches any other part of your face, it’s a sign that he desires a closer relationship. If he is pretending to help brush away an eyelash, you should be alarmed. It’s his way to showing he is interested, if he wasn’t, he would have probably pointed it out to you verbally.


We usually wear our personality on our hair. Our favourite style conveys the kind of person that we are and sends across a message to the admiring public. Hair is also seen as a symbol of strength and allure.

When a guy gives your hair/head a good – gentle not rough – stroking, he is responding to your statement. It may not necessary be a romantic move but see if he lingers on longer than he should, that’s a sensual sign he may have a romantic motive to get up close. Stroking is also a sign of grooming from our primate forefathers, it shows a willingness to protect.

Man woman flirting


The most obvious indicator for emotions are the hands where as a child, we regard them as a familiar safety guide while as an adult, we take it as a sign of acceptance. High-fives, handshakes, wedding rings, etc.

These gestures may not mean much but if a man holds your hand longer and longer every time you see each other, it’s reason enough to question his motive. Look out for signs of undivided attention together with his touches. He might be trying to tell you something.


Generally, when someone touches our back, it is a gesture of support and reassurance. Hence, the term “pat on the back” for every good job done. But this applies to the upper back only, where it is a neutral friendly zone.

If a man moves his touch lower, it carries a more intimate meaning. The small of your lower back is really sensitive and the more he leaves his hand around this area of your body, the more you can be sure of his attraction towards you.

Waist and hips

A woman’s sides, waist and hips represent a strong sexual symbolism. Think woman’s childbearing abilities!

When face with a man who is touching you in this area and standing in close proximity to you, it is a sure sign that he wants you. If you show no signs of disinterest or pulling away, basically just receptive towards him, don’t be surprised if he tries to kiss you.

Legs and thighs

There’s no denying that women’s legs are a big turn-on for men. They view them as a sexy tool in the art of seduction.

If a man lightly touches your thighs when you’re sitting down for a chat, he’s approaching it as a way to become more intimate. If you find him pretending to have touched you accidentally, it means he’s testing your reaction. When he thinks you’re into him as well, be prepared for a few more rounds of light caresses.

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  1. The waist and hips is so true I was in the stairwell with this guy who often hugs me with his hands down low.. One time I was in the corner alone and he got close and grabbed my waist was about to kiss me I think until I left.. Honestly I wanted to kiss him too that touch in general is very appealing in the moment so really watch out for that touch

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