To Keek Or Not To Keek, That Is The Question.

Hey all, have you heard of the Keek buzz? Or are you already a Keek advocator like Kendall Jenner?

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This Canadian-based social networking platform is on a roll and slowly taking the world by storm with its famous users and expanding community. But, what exactly is Keek?

Simply put, Keek is the video equivalent of Instagram. This free online social networking platform enables users to upload and share short 36 seconds video status updates (‘keeks’), using their webcam, iPhone, Android or BlackBerry devices. Users also get to follow, subscribe, like and respond the videos with either text comments or video replies (‘keekbacks’). Apparently, users can also embed their keeks into a blog or website with the embed option.

So, is Keek really worth a try? To answer your question of to Keek, or not to Keek, the VB girls did a take on what this social media platform has to offer;

To Keek


The stronger video alternative. Ever thought the term a picture is worth a thousand words is wrong? Find yourself needing more than one photograph to share your thoughts? Well then ladies and gentlemen, Keek it! Yes, we know that there are tons other video social platforms out there but Keek has stood through the test of time and proved to be one of the stronger contenders.

It’s simple and fast. Users won’t take long to get familiar with the service. Keek’s interface (for the website and mobile device versions) is simple, clean and fun, which is just the way the public would like it.

The growing all-star community. As mentioned, celebrities are also using Keek as another way to connect to their fans, and to supplement their social media initiatives. The Kardashian clan (especially Kylie, Kendall and Kim), Adam Lambert and Ariana Grande are just to name a few celebs who are well-know Keek users. And hey, if your favourite celeb Keeks often, what’s not to love right!

Calling all budding youtube-ers!  Ever wanted to be a youtube star but are still fighting your inner shy demons? Well then, why not use Keek as a practice zone? Its 36 seconds cap is ideal for individuals who inspire to be up-and-coming vlog enthusiasts.

Not to Keek


The random-ness. Technically speaking, Keek is a social media platform where you can easily share your daily musings online. But let’s face it, while some may find fragmented thoughts and random updates appealing, the truth is that it may not be for all. However, fret not. Just like Twitter and Instagram, you can simply unfollow/unsubscribe users who get a little too random for your liking.

Videos, videos everywhere! Yes, we understand that you get to select your own feed. But for those who just joined or are merely browsing, the selection of videos may be a wee bit overwhelming.

Our take on Keek? Honestly speaking, we’re kind of neutral about it. Although only starting last year, Keek is one of the stronger video social media platform with a constantly growing community. This makes Keek a very promising service. But, it may not be for everyone. We reckon Keek may be more suited for those who are outspoken, and less shy.

But hey, don’t just take it from us; why not test Keek out for yourself. And please do leave your comments and experiences on it at the comments below. Happy Keek-ing y’all 😀

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