Candy Crush Is The World’s Most Popular Game

Move over Angry Bird, the crown now belongs to Candy Crush!

Candy Crush Saga ipad5

It is the world’s most popular game to have hit Facebook, iOS and the Android Play store. With over 66 million players worldwide, you can be sure that the Candy addiction is for real. On Facebook alone, more than 15 million users spend their time playing the game daily.

Candy Crush has now overtaken Angry Birds in the popular ranking. Even its London-based developer King has surpassed the creator of Farmille – Zynga to be the world’s most popular social gaming firm.

The latest figure comes after Zynga’s most recent earnings call which now place them second with 52 million players daily. It is an impressive progress for a game that is just over six months old. Candy Crush was launched for mobile in late 2012.

What’s not to love about the saga really? The goal of the game is simple, just match three or more sweets in a row to make them disappear, kind of similar to Bejewelled. But the hard part is progressing through the game; once a player loses five lives, you’ll be locked out of the game for half an hour. It is the perfect time killer for many and addictive for all.

It is estimated that since the game was launched, Candy Crush Saga players have spent the equivalent of 103,000 years on it with over 1 trillion candies crushed.


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