[CARing Project] Nigella Lawson and Domestic Abuse

News and images of Nigella Lawson being choked and bullied by her husband have recently surfaced.

nigella lawson abused

Nigella Lawson is a famous British celebrity chef who has been married to billionaire art-curator, Mr Charles Saatchi for about 10 years. As of late, Sunday People had published a front page feature of her being ‘grabbed by the throat in astonishing bust-up with husband.’ The shocking photos seem to portray the chef bullied and strangled by her husband as they were sitting outside Scott’s Restaurant in Mayfair, central London. Based on the feature and images, Mr Saatchi had used his hands to grab his wife around the neck for about four times and also her nose, while she was looking extremely upset and shocked.

nigella lawson abused 1

After the incident, and after news and images have surfaced, Nigella Lawson was seen leaving their marital household with a suitcase and her teenage son.

It is also noted that this is not the first time that the couple are seen in a physical dispute. Neighbours have also commented in The Daily Mail that ‘they (Nigela and her husband) argue in the streets and are volatile at times but that could just be their form of passion. Those pictures do look unpleasant though.’

Authorities are currently holding investigations to establish the truths of the incident.

nigella lawson abused 3

[UPDATED 7/7/2013]

A week after the actual incident at Scott’s Restaurant, Mr. Saatchi released a statement saying that what happened between Nigella Lawson and him was merely a ‘playful tiff.’ Flash forward to today (7th July 2013), an article was published in the Daily mail stating that Mr. Saatchi is divorcing Nigella Lawson.

dailymail saatchi divorces nigella

The pair’s relationship is now ending in indignity, despair and divorce. This is Charles Saatchi’s exclusive and official statement to the Daily Mail:

daily mail official saatchi

It is also stated in the article that that the two were always physical and demonstrative in their relationship, but no actual harm was done. This was confirmed by a friend of the pair – ‘it’s true Nigella is scared of his temper and of him lashing out verbally, but she’s never been frightened of him physically. In private, Nigella has told friends, that of course he has never lifted a finger to hurt her, although he can be difficult and overbearing at times.’

Up till today, the celebrity chef has not released any official statement to the public on the whole matter.

To our dear readers, we would like to say that domestic abuse is a serious issue that needs to be discussed, especially if it’s on public display.

What should you do when you see public display of domestic abuse?

Although we would like to tell you that there is a simple answer on what you can and should do if you encounter such scenes; there is not. Unlike other crime or violence acts, simply jumping into a domestic dispute may not be the solution.

Fact is; there are several concerns and dynamics of a relationship that we would not be able to fully understand and know unless we are directly involved with it. Furthermore, do understand that some of the individuals caught up in these vicious cycles of domestic abuse may have a mentality where they believe that they are the cause of the abuse – that they deserved to be beaten up.

Before one quickly jumps right in and intervene a domestic violence scene, there are several things to be concerned of;

  1. Would you be causing more harm than help? Would intervening further provoke the attacker and cause them to retaliate with more force onto the victim?
  2. Would you be at harm, especially if you’re alone?
  3. Would the couple act as if nothing has happened, walk away and continue the dispute somewhere else and in a more aggressive manner?

However, it is undeniable that we should not just gawk and ignore a scene. It is sad to say that the general public has a sort of ‘mind our own business’ mentality – to stray away from any form of trouble if it does not concern them. This is honestly not how it should be, especially if the life of another is at stake. Ask yourself this – how would you feel if you just leave the act of violence be? Can you really just walk away with a clear conscience without lending a helping hand?

If met with such a scene, please call the authorities or organizations aimed to address spousal abuse, such as 03-79563488 to the Women’s Aid Organisation or Talian Nur at 15999. However, do this from somewhere near and safe, especially if you’re alone. Although it is important to help another individual, understand that you also have a duty to protect yourself.

And to those who are victimized or affected by domestic abuse, please know that it should not be that way – you should feel safe in your own home and in the presence of your significant other. If you are in anyway way abused, be it physically or mentally, you can seek help from organisations such as Women’s Aid Organisation or AWAM. They provide face-to-face and phone counselling. Additionally, to learn more on the laws against domestic violence in Malaysia, please click here.

To everyone who’s reading this, please know and remember that any form of abuse is a crime. What we do and how we react will greatly influence the outcome and help those affected.

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mail (official divorce statement)

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