[Travel] All Aboard The Barbie Cruise

Catch and relive your Barbie childhood aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise. 

Credit: Cruises.co.uk
Credit: Cruises.co.uk

It’s the single most iconic doll of all time and now after countless dresses, a dream house, a fancy car and not to mention, over 100 careers under her belt, Barbie can add cruise line to her name.

The Barbie Premium Experience is the first Barbie-themed cruise in the world. Launched earlier this year back in January, the full global fleet of 20 have been rolled out, bringing the pink Barbie style across the oceans.

Operated by Royal Caribbean in partnership with Mattel, the cruise is targeted at children between the ages of 4 and 11 but it doesn’t mean you young-at-heart fans can’t enjoy the experience too.

It is the ultimate Barbie indulgence with activities revolving around fun, fashion and lifelong memories.

Credit: Royal Caribbean
Credit: Royal Caribbean

According to the site, besides the Barbie en-suite cabins, the attractions also include:

Tiaras and Teacup Party – Enjoy Barbie treats while learning table etiquette. A decorum expected of a Barbie princess, no doubt.

Mermaid Dance Class – Put on your dancing shoes and learn all the surf-inspired moves from the hit movie Barbie In A Mermaid Tale 2.

Fashion Designer Workshop – Channel your inner creative style to design and create your very own Barbie fashion.

Fashion Show – Dress up and walk the pink carpet where you can also perform dance routine and show off your Barbie fashion creation.

Credit: Royal Caribbean
Credit: Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean sails across many oceans and visits hundreds of ports-of-call along the coasts of Europe, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, the Bahamas and more.

Price for the Barbie Premium Experience package starts from $349 (RM1,090) onwards per child on sailings of 5 nights or longer. More information here.

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