Yonanas Healthy Ice-Cream Maker

Now you can have ice-cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

yonanas healthy ice cream maker banana food malaysia-005

Having a sweet tooth isn’t the problem. In fact, a level teaspoon of white sugar has only 16 calories. The problem is we don’t eat sugar on its own. If you’ve ever tried to bake a decent cake or cookie, you’ll know it’s virtually impossible without flour, fat and sugar.  So, when you eliminate sugar-laden foods, you’re actually removing calories from fat and refined starches as well. That doesn’t leave any options to appease your sweet tooth though does it? Until now!

yonanas healthy ice cream maker banana food malaysia

How about some healthy ice-cream? Guilt-free, fat-free and dairy free soft serve ice-cream that will not only satisfy your sugar cravings but boost your fruit intake! Imagine if your parents were spared that headache; no kid will say no to ice-cream (they don’t have to know it’s good for them!). And, with the Yonanas healthy dessert maker, you can whip up a million flavour combinations in your very own kitchen.

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Created out of an insatiable love for ice-cream, Eileen McHale often experienced stomach aches and chronic sneezing after indulging. So over a 10 year period, Eileen and her husband started experimenting with frozen fruits as a base for making healthy desserts and Yonanas was born.

A great money-saver since it uses the sweetness of over-ripe spotted bananas, all you need to do is peel and freeze them beforehand. Then, when you’re jonesing for a fix, let it thaw until you can break it in half and it’s go time!

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But that is just the beginning! You can make Yonanas out of just about any frozen fruit (strawberries, mango, pineapple or combine all three…the options are endless!) Then when you get bored with pure fruit flavours, additions like cookies (mint dark chocolate ones are our fave!) or nuts will spark your creativity all over again.

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Introduced to the Malaysian market through Dole Malaysia, Yonanas is available in selected Cold Storage and Mercato supermarkets at RM289. For more information and recipe ideas, visit the Yonanas website.

To see how it works in person, catch the demo at the Food and Beverage Expo, from the 23-25 August, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

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