Jay-Z’s Love Song for Baby Blue Ivy

Jay-Z starts his parenthood with a love song for baby Blue Ivy

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“Most amazing feeling I feel, words can’t describe the feeling for real./ Baby I paint the sky blue, my greatest creation was you, you. Glory.” – Glory, Jay-Z feat. Blue Ivy Carter

The lines are inside the sweet serenade Jay-Z wrote and sang for his precious daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. The song even features her special appearance, in the form of Blue’s cries.

Jay-Z and Beyonce may be world’s happiest couple now that they have carried their daughter home after her delivery at Lenox Hill Hospital last weekend. Is the couple going to craft Blue into a music star just like them, we don’t know just yet. But it is apparent that they will shower her with abundant love expressions through music.

Blue Ivy was conceived in Paris, and that very fact only strengthens her status as the world’s most famous baby at the moment. However, Jay-Z also fears of losing her. “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic/ we was afraid you’d disappear but nah, baby, you magic.” Those lines could as well refer to unknown Beyonce’s miscarriage, or the miscarriage of Jay-Z’s then-girlfriend in 1994.

Ah, so maybe his fear is the reason for the extra secretive birth process where the couple is reported to book the whole hospital floor under a pseudo-name. Lenox Hill Hospital also faces tough criticism from other maternity patients who were admitted there during Beyonce’s delivery procedures. The patients complained about unfair treatments they experienced both from the hospital and the couple’s private security personnel.

Whatever the reason is, we hope Blue Ivy would be a ‘glorious’ daughter for the parents!

“Everybody goes through stuff/ life is a gift, love/ open it up,” Jay-Z sang in his humble love song.

Glory – Jay-Z feat. Blue Ivy Carter by Warhol2011

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