What To Get From Fossil Holiday 2013 Collection

The latest from Fossil draws inspiration from the Aurora Borealis with a quiet play on design. The collection infuses both colours and textures that are fun and beautiful in reflection of the holiday spirit. Here we present to you the array of accessories that captured the beauty of the natural phenomenon also known as the Northern Lights.

Simple Watches

Fossil Holiday 2013 Collection Malaysia2

The designs of the watches are of a clean-cut, sharp look. Reckon this will be a perfect piece to go with your holiday wardrobe which will probably be louder than this. So it is a balanced union between the two! Keep the time stylishly and party on like a rock star!

Vibrant Bags

Fossil Holiday 2013 Collection Malaysia16

We do like our bright hues and vibrant tones and well, this collection does not disappoint. Fossil cleverly takes the holiday spirit and translates them onto the collection of timepieces and bags. These leather bags are perfect for long nights or weekend of socialising.

Cute Charms

Fossil Holiday 2013 Collection Malaysia18

It is one of the most notable items you will find from Fossil. There are a number of charms on sale ranging from fox to watermelon, lady bug, etc. You’d be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t tickle your fancy. Bling up and have your very own arm party we say!

Unique Timepiece

Fossil Holiday 2013 Collection Malaysia10

A particular distinctive feature of Fossil is the face of its timepieces. And this range pictured here showcases a rotating sun, stars and moon that will move according to the time of day. It’s for the men but we love it all the same! Life’s a party ain’t it?

Fossil Holiday 2013 Collection will be out in stores end of this month.

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