Indonesian Copywriter Dies from Being Overworked

Earlier this year, we heard of a few deaths in China concerning overworked young professionals..and it’s hitting closer to home as we’ve lost another talented individual in neighbouring Indonesia

mita diran young indonesian overworked
Photo source: Facebook

Social network Twitter has been abuzz with the death of Mita Diran, a young copywriter for Young & Rubicam in Indonesia after working non-stop for three consecutive days.

In her last Tweet on December 14, she said: “30 hours of working and still going strooong.”

mita diran young indonesian overworked

According to a screen cap that has been shared on the Internet, her father Yani Syahrial – an Executive Creative Director,  said that his daughter was in a coma after working continuously for three days, and that she had been working over her limits.

An hour later, another employee said that Mita had passed away due to a lethal combination of being overworked and excessive consumption of Kratingdaeng – the Thai version of Red Bull, an energy drink consumed by many when required to stay awake during long hours.

mita diran young indonesian overworked

Many mourn the death of Mita, who has been described as quirky and cheery with a strong Malaysian connection, having studied and worked here for a period of time before returning to work in Indonesia.

Mita’s death so close to the holiday season is an ugly reminder of how so many individuals are being worked to the bone at the cost of their life for the sake of work. While we as employees owe it to ourselves to lead a healthier, more balanced life and know our limits – employers definitely need to step up and take more responsibility over the welfare of their staff by not encouraging overtime for the sake of profit.

Photo source: Facebook
Photo source: Facebook

Let us all take a moment to pray for Mita’s family and friends, and may she rest in peace. Another one gone too soon.

Audra Roslani

Coming from the fast-paced chaotic world of PR, Audra believes that stress can be managed in three stages: Visualisation of the perfect vacation in the long run, a glass of Teh Ais (be it of local, English, Taiwanese or Japanese variety) at the end of a long day, and most importantly in the therapeutic power of cat pictures for immediate stress relief.

    1. We from the family, Thank you for the write up audra roslani. Ps: Sorry but the actual spelling would be “sjahrial”

    1. It’s a sad time for any family looking a loved one and this instance is no different what is worse still is the people who will judge such an individual without understanding the full picture or why this young lady felt the need to put her herself through what turned out to be a tragedy. Instead of condemning this girl maybe it’s a great wakeup call to helping people understand that your health can be greatly affected by your work choices and maybe this lady’s death can help save someone else’s life.

  1. I have worked in a company who often requires me to overtime which i had rejected a lot which caused me to lose my job. Employers should know what should and what should not be done. Asking your employees to work like a robot is just BS! We r humans, we’ve got a family to go home to!!

    1. Welcome to the reality of Capitalism. The strong survive the weak die off… She needed a stronger will to just tell everyone to fuck off and go home to bed and let the cards fall. If you get fired then fine! If you fail GOOD. At least you have a great dream!!! FUG THESE PLACES THAT CAUSE YOU TO WORK LIKE THAT…

  2. deep condolences :'(
    she is a woman someone who need a more strong for hardwork bye bye galz
    equal with me,i’m a software engineer,cause i’m male so i still strong for 41hours hardwork non stop,hell yeah!!

  3. Is she stupid or what? Why working so hard and die for nothing to proud of? Think smart. Thats happen if you are lonely n nothing to do beside working. Kesian

  4. ” Lesson Learned !” Dont work too hard + energy drink….worked too hard to forget the rest is useless and pointless, rest is essential to be more productive and work smarter. Even a Superhero needs a break to take a rest !…

    Her supervisors should provide subordinates the best time to have adequate rest for their employe…. If you have this is the disposal of human potential and so do not increase company productivity…This is all for my opinion…

  5. My deepest sympathy and condolances to the family.
    To all other people commenting, this is not the place to post offensive comments, have some respect, let her soul rest in peace.

    1. I’m saying that because I’m full respect for human beings life…not just the matter off Bussines n Money….offcourse I’m full n deepest sympathy and condolances for her n family….

      I’m not offencing but suggesting to all working people, nothing is more important than healthy n life…..I think…

  6. Fuck you to all who say she is stupid or she deserved it. You don’t know her. She could have enjoyed her job, but in the end, she ended up passing away. Freedom of speech? Go shove that up your ass. It’s not an excuse to be an asshole, especially towards the deceased.

  7. As a copywriter I find myself asking several questions…
    1. Who “forced” her to work such insane hours?
    2. What would have been the consequences of not working those long hours?
    3. Where was her family?

    If someone wanted me to work like that, I would tell them to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. This is about personal responsibility, knowing your own limits and having power over your own life.

    Why the hell did she think this was an acceptable thing to do to herself, and where was her family?

    Ironically, Young & Rubicam uses one motto on it’s site of “people come first”. I guess that only applies when there’s no deadline?

  8. Im just aghast at the number of apathetic hateful comments Im reading here! Someone dies and thats all you can say? Overwork is a serious problem in Asia. Looking back at my own life im surprised I survived and glad I finally learned to put my priorities straight. My condolences to the young girl who didnt survive it.

  9. If it’s her father then how come the message said: “…After the message of my Executive Creative Director; HER daughter died”?

    Btw, it’s so bad that these things happen. I’ve actually been sick(ly) because of overworking a few times. Even though it seems you can still go on while working it takes more toll on your body than you’d expect.
    I hope that this will also remind people of the limits once in a while.

  10. some commenters here are either heartless or just no empathy. not worth being a human that what i can say for those who don’t have kind words to say. a young person died, cause of death possibility of overworked. she thought maybe if she pulled the longs hours maybe she would/could get her job done faster. Many possibilities here why she worked so hard continuously. but this is not anyone’s place to question or judge. a simple “Rest in Peace” or condolence to her family would suffice. all you judgy jerks need a wake up call and check on your humanity. if you have none, you have no business questioning Mita’s lifestyle.

  11. I have been a copywriter for 20 years and never have I worked so hard it kills me. But many of my friends in the advertising industry have been suffering serious illnesses due to overworking, lately. Thanks to God who guides me through my work, I know my limits.

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