Spring Equinox 2012 : Eggs on Stand

Happy Spring Equinox everyone! As we all know, yesterday was not just any ordinary day. Everyone was posting up pictures of eggs standing up on ends on their Facebook walls. Some, on the other hand, were lost in cyber space wondering what was going on.

Well, let us enlighten you.

Equinox simply means ‘equal nights’. What happens during the Spring Equinox is that the Sun is positioned above the equator, day and night are about equal in length all over the world during the equinoxes. During the times of pre-revolutionary of China, it was customary for the Chinese to stand eggs on their end on the first day of spring. To do so would guarantee good luck for the entire year. Hence, proving that the an egg being able to stand on its end allows us to experience the influence of gravity, balance and equilibrium.

The equinox symbolically restores balance to the world by signaling its rebirth after a season of darkness, it literally balances the day by equally dividing it into equal portions of darkness and light. Thus, what mattered on this day was the importance of the familiar, reassuring ritual to demonstrate that all was right with the world, a sign that all nature was in harmony, dismissing the contradiction that the balancing of eggs could also happen on any other day.

Last year in America, a huge celebration known as the ” Eggs on Stand : Standing on Ceremony  ” was held to honor this day of such power of nature. Everyone takes an egg, and hold them up in the air together, pledging to walk on the earth as if we were walking on eggs. Promising, in honor of the season, to protect our fragile yet resilient planet home. They then count down the minutes to the equinox, and when the time is right, they stand their eggs in unison in salute to spring.

This year, our team did not miss the fun. We did our experiment and it really worked! It was so exciting! And it certainly did felt like  the yolk shifts inside to find its perfect point of balance, holding the entire universe in the palm of your hand.  – Donna Henes.

Here, watch it for yourself!

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