The I-City KFC ” Pekerja VS Customer ” Dramatic Fight

Alright before this video goes viral on Facebook tomorrow and the next couple of days, let us provide you with the first-hand enlightenment to the whole commotion here.

First, watch this video.

The story :

According to the description, this was what happened.

1. WHO : A couple and The KFC Pekerjas ( Workers )

2. WHERE :  I-City KFC, Shah Alam.

3. WHY : Because the couple have been in queue for an hour patiently waiting to pick up some finger lickin’ good Kentucky Fried Chicken, however was extremely disappointed to have found out that they ran out of chicken when it was finally their time to place an order. Therefore, they got really angry and requested to see the manager. For some reason, manager did not turn up, but the worker said this to them ” Kalo mau makan, buat sendirilah Babi! “.

The next thing we know, these people are fighting and are caught on a video that’s about to change their lives.

Now, the other side of the story :

The couple certainly did not wait as long as an hour for the chicken as no one would have been that silly. As for the reason that had triggered the fight, it was because the customer first started calling the worker names and dissed the Islam religion. The negative comments and evidence to this statement made by an eye witness have been since deleted.

So they say ” Customers are always right. ” What do you say, Malaysians? Will this video spark off as another racial issue among us? Do we want this for our country? We’ll let you be the judge.



    • Equality

      The issue is not about racial slur, it is about some undeserving people are sitting in high positions. This process is encouraged in Malaysia. If this person thinks insulting one’s religion deserves this kind of treatment, then he is a terrorist who embraces violences as solution.

  1. noname

    Does malaysia KFC become KGC —— Kongsi Gelap Club.
    No matter how “Fighting” is the wrong way to treat your customer.
    Let the police to judge.

  2. vfhgj

    Whatever the reasons, the customer should not utter racist profanities .
    Malaysian must restrain themselves from making racist profanity when in tense situation. They have habit of profanities since schooldays……no people will take racist profanities lightly…….

  3. Mel-D

    Silly? A normal line of 5 person in front of you can already take you 45 minutes.. One hour would be reasonable because of the limited food choice available for you at night in i-City..

  4. Stefan

    The poor couple as with some people were waiting that long to try and redeem this voucher that apparently included a ferris wheel ride and etc.

    There is another 2nd version of the video which shows what happened before the attack which people strangely say proves the customer was racist. This 2nd version unfortunately after multiple viewings only shows the customer demanding an apology. So im not sure where people are getting these alleged racist slurs because video evidence right now confirms the customers testimony.


    A employee won’t suddenly and without reason come to attack the customer. Impossible a kfc employee so busy frying chicken then come attack customer.. In legally of course is the one who attack wrong. But in logical, the one who provoke the fight are wrong.

  6. rauf

    the workers should apologise for the chicken earlier.. it’s the manager’s fault, he should come out on the first place apologising. what kind of business they are doing. dah la sell unhealthy low class food, it’s clear their attempt is “your money is ours”.. see the video where this stupid boy wipe chicken on his foot. sial betul..

  7. Eric Badut

    waited for one hour? liar, liar, liar. NOBODY waited for ONE HOUR to eat chicken. the customer had obviously uttered degrading words and cockily but falsely believe his money can employ a lawyer to sue anyone as is the current trend (‘I HAVE MONEY, YOU PHEASANT DON”T’ SYNDROME). i have myself seen a customer ahead of me uttering disparaging remarks just because she is not of his race and because he waited for 20 minutes. feel like telling him to do her job and see if he could do better. power certainly corrupts. i remember a malay proverb ‘api dalam sekam’. BEWARE!

  8. What is wrong with this fucking country? Every time I go out I am reminded of how stupid people behave. You treat foreigners and eurasians like god and locals like shit. The chinese can dress like homeless people and still get customer service coz supposedly they are the richer group. So afraid of the unknown that anything just a bit out of the ordinary is sinful. Such hypocrites. 1 Malaysia is the stupidest concept ever. This incident is racial and plain stupid behavior at the same time.

  9. Abdullah Wong

    True, workers would not even want to get into a fight in the first place unless provoked. The KFC employee should be terminated but Danny ng should be imprisoned for uttering racial profanities

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