Female Fashion Trends That Men Hate

As the saying goes, ” Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. ” Today we truly understand the meaning of it. They use to  say that women only dress for men. However, this statement no longer stands. Here are some fashion fads that we girls go all ga-ga about, but in Mars, they hate it. We will tell you why.

Let’s take a look from the men’s perspective.

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1. Everything Neon

Alright, the last thing a man would want to take out is a peacock, or a bird. I mean, they would go to the zoo for that. Men would suggest to leave the colorings and paintings to the drawing block instead of the face.


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2. Harem/Granny Pants

As comfortable as harem pants can be, truth be told, men hate them. We know these pants could be real sexy if you know how to wear them fashionably, but if you want to impress a guy, forget about it.


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3. Uggs! Urgh!

Hmm..what more can we say? Yes, they might look good on the shelves sometimes, but if you think about it, they also look like Phua Chu Kang’s yellow rubber boots. In other words, men think that they are ugly and they can be nasty when it gets wet.


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4. Leopard Prints

You know, women try to look like everything else except a lady. Being associated with leopard, these prints convey the wrong messages to men. For instance, it reminds them of prostitutes, because if you haven’t notice, they usually come in animal tops and leopard tights. So if you’re trying to look sexy, uhm..it’s a definite No-No!


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5. Transparent Clothing

Girl, its either you wear something decent or be naked. That tells it all. Men love it when you try to play pee-ka-boo with them in bed, but if you’re wearing that out to the streets, they rather be a stranger to you.


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6. Leggings / Jeggings

Very sexy, but only if you have superpowers.


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7.  Jumpsuits

Unless you’re an astronaut or heading to Yoga, don’t attempt if you’re trying to impress him. We all love jumpsuits, it’s a great piece to flaunt those curves. Sadly in Mars, they certainly don’t think this so.


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8. Rainbow Hair Color

Men are very simple creatures. Anything that gets too complicated scares them, so stay with your original hair color or stick to just one.


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9.  Japanese Stockings 

Japanese stockings?! Mmmm..stick to nude or plain black color please.


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10. Cheek Piercings

As if pimples are not disgusting enough, self-initiated permanent pimples-look-a-like terrify them guys away! Please, if your intention is to create some dimples on the face, take it from us – IT IS NOT WORKING!

All in all, men are very simple. If you are looking for a man to be in your life, then just be as natural as possible.





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