5 Fashion Items to Suit The Plus & Petite Sizes

We call them ‘chameleon fashion items’, for they fit like gloves for both the plus sizes and the petites

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There are fashion rules – what items suit what body types. But just like any other fashion rules, they limit adventures more than protecting your pride – or so they claim.

Fashion is a fun-packed, neon-coloured (or pastel, as you please) playground. In that very spirit, we have scouted 5 fashion items that would flatter both plus and petite sizes.

1. Kaftan

If you go to any night events in Malaysia, you will see lots and lots of vibrant kaftans roaming around. Besides being weather-suitable, it also is a very sophisticated piece for almost any body shapes – all you need to do is tweak the patterns and width.

Kaftan tips:

  • For the plus-sized: Ditch black, and opt for bright, solid-coloured kaftans. Some plus-sizers have issues with bright colours, in fact, one bright colour at a time is the secret to looking your best. Ask Beyonce, she knows best.
  • For the petites: Avoid big patterns as they could drown you. Opt for the current buzz tie dyes. Opt for the short, just above the knee kaftans.
  • If your kaftan is really wide, thin-belt it. If you are not such a fan of belt, opt for straight line kaftans.
  • Low boots or flatforms work best with kaftans, unless you are really tall. If height is not a problem, then you might want to opt for Grecian sandals to dress the look down.
Products info: Blue diamante kaftan, Poya, RM690. Short teal kaftan, Poya, RM190. Plaited belt, Zara, RM139.90. Cutout ankle heels, Shoe Story, RM92.

2. Bodycon skirt

Bodycon is another go-to fashion item among Asian girls, but (sorry to say) most look super short, super tight, or both. The key to finding the perfect bodycon skirt that suit both plus and petite sizes – is the material. Length comes in close second, but material is non-tolerable: it has to be thick, structured fabrics instead of lycra or jersey. Be body conscious, in grace, people!

Bodycon tips:

  • Make sure the skirt length is no less than a span above the knee.
  • If you are to tuck in your top, it should is structured, and of the right fitting (not too tight nor loose).
  • Tucking out works well (try oversized sweaters) too.
  • If you are still getting used to the bodycon, perhaps you might opt for small, shrunken jacket or long thin coverup to divide attention between legs and upper body.

Products info: Tangerine sheer coverup, Sevendays, RM109. Lace sweatshirt, Pull & Bear, RM139.90. Metallic bodycon skirt, Mango, RM199.  Polkadot top, Milktee, RM33. Black bodycon skirt, Zara, RM139.90

3. Slim-fit jeans

Conservative tips tell the plusies to opt for flare jeans, that tend to add extra 5 years to your actual age. Slim fit is a better fit for both body shapes – giving a versatile look without trying hard.

Slim-fit jeans tips:

  • Le petites, have some fun with bright denim – magenta, pastel yellow, and sorbet green to your heart’s content. Below the ankle length is recommended, for anything shorter than that will only make you look more petite.
  • The plusies should definitely try plain navy blue, and add chain or slim belt to cinch the waist.
  • For both body shapes, definitely opt for waist-high jeans to add some height and define your body. Flapper waistline is more applicable for models.

Products info: Slim fit ankle jeans (in orange and blue), Uniqlo, RM129.90. Floral oxford shoes, Dusky Wings, RM52. Floral pumps, The Fashion Barrage, RM157. Galactic long top, Gallo by Thian, RM188.30

4. Shift dress

Working on basic fashion items is pure bliss. Shift dresses, in its simplicity, opens up a wide room to be creative – in patterns, in finding matching accessories, and necklines.

Shift dress tips:

  • Spice up your look with a gold pleated belt
  • For the plus-sized, the V-neck is now back in the market – sleeker and more sophisticated than ever
  • For the petites, you can try the schoolgirl look with white or black socks, paired with oxford shoes
  • With the current white trend, match a white shift dress with pastel or nude heels

Products info: Printed shift dress, Zara, RM199.90. Spiky gold necklace, Lush Icon, RM792. Block ring, Lush Icon, RM360. Shiny oxford shoes, TRF by Zara, RM179.90. Brass bow belt, Su-Estilo, RM23.40. White shift dress, Zara, RM199.90

5. Clean blazer

Clean blazer is light in structure, and versatile without being bulky. No shoulder pads, no unnecessary buttons.

Clean blazer tips:

  • Clean blazer allows any body shapes to wear shorts in style. A simple white tee will do, and va va voom one chic Sunday problem solved!
  • Make sure your blazer is no longer than your hip
  • 3/4 sleeve could avoid looking bulky or short
  • Instead of your usual black, opt for pastel or white hues. After all, a casual blazer is to spice your ensemble up!

Products info: White tuzedo-style blazer, Zara, RM359. Pink earrings, Su-Estilo, RM17.40. Emerald green faux leather clutch, Su-Estilo, RM49. Jacquard off-white blazer, Zara, RM329.

Nina Hidayat

Nina Hidayat survives life by heart and intuition (plus a bit of logic). In between voicing out through writing, she daydreams about clothes and shoes. Recently, she started 'Sepatu Merah' - a self-designed handmade shoe line dedicated for women. Life is a fashion playground, after all.

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