Toyota Traffic Tots – A Road Safety Programme For Pre-Schools

Say hello to the traffic heroes, people!

The UMW Toyota Motor officially launched the Toyota Traffic Tots today. This is a three-year road safety programme targeted at preschool children, specifically selected children of ten Smart Readers centers in Klang Valley. In partnership with the Road Safety Department and Smart Reader Worldwide, this programme is aimed at providing preschool children with essential road safety knowledge in support of the government’s National Road Safety Action Plan.

The reason to why it is targeted at pre-schoolers is because it’s always better to start from young, and while pre-school children maintains a friendly relationship with their parents, this programme can help both the children and adults to be aware of road safety precautions. In addition, children often put themselves or their friends in danger while playing or waiting for their transportation to bring them home due to their rash and inquisitive nature, hence this programme would be the ideal complement to the Road Safety Education (RSE) organized by the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Education which teaches road safety in schools.

The Toyota Traffic Tots will further be expanded to twenty centers of Smart Readers Worldwide next year and then to thirty schools the following year. They will be provided with lessons encompassing two categories – 1. Passenger Safety, 2. Pedestrian Safety. The lessons will be conducted for one hour per month. Lucky children, indeed!

As Mr.Ismet ( President of UMW Toyota Motor ) said it, ” road safety should be taught when the child is still young as the knowledge stay with them for a lifetime. Our message is as simple as ABC – ALWAYS BE CAREFUL. Where safety is concerned, there is simply no room for error. “

Well I guess now we can all worry less about the safety of our kids with this programme, ay?

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