Erykah Badu ‘Allah’ Tattoo Costs The Star a Public Apology

Malaysian daily ‘The Star’ had to apologize for publishing Erykah Badu’s image with ‘Allah’ tattoo

UPDATES: We are sorry to announce that Erykah Badu’s KL concert has been cancelled because of ‘failure to meet cultural values’ (updated at 3:43PM). To read the official reason of the cancellation, read: Erykah Badu KL Concert: Cancelled!

Erykah Badu has a pair of tattoo meaning ‘Allah’ in Arabic and now everyone is talking about it. The Star, Malaysia’s best-selling English newspaper, published an image of Erykah Badu showing the tattoos on her upper arms.

Erykah Badu is scheduled to perform a solo concert in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow (28/02). It is still unclear whether this issue will affect her show.

Home Ministry summoned The Star to make a public apology and they did:

“A photograph of American singer Erykah Badu with tattoos of various symbols, including the Arabic word for Allah, was inadvertently published in Star2 today. We sincerely apologise to Muslim readers for this oversight.” – as quoted from The Star Online.

The tattoo issue is also being discussed on Twitter, with most users against the tattoo.

“Sape pegi Erykah Badu punya event tu mmg bodoh. Terang2 kat kiri kanan ada tattoo Allah, lagi korang nak support org mcm tu.”

“kuang ajaq punya Erykah Badu.ada tattoo ‘Allah’ kt bahu.ko trn KL,aku baling batu!”

Credits: New Straits Times, The Malaysian Insider

Latest Updates : Erykah Badu concert cancelled and Organizer Says Erykah Badu Concert is Not Cancelled