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Gwen Ong believes in looking at the little details of life. Good music, paper crafts and man's best friends make her day. She secretly harbours a wish to travel the world as a nomad one day.
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Andrej Pejic Is Now Andreja Pejic, A Transgender Woman

The male model, who stole the limelight for his androgynous features, is now a woman! Andrej Pejic once built his career and reputation as a male model who could fashion both men and womenswear. His androgynous looks and gender-bending traits…

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Fun Things To Do In A Long Car Ride With Young Children

‘Balik kampung’ is such a memorable occasion yet sometimes, an extremely long and exasperating trip. If you have young ones travelling along in the car, you’ll know this is doubly arduous. To help you out, we’ve put together some fun…

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5 Ways Your Friends Are “Contagious” To You

That’s right; germs aren’t the only thing that you can catch. Moods and behaviours can also spread from one person to another, says Reader’s Digest. When it comes to traits and choices, it seems our friends can have a powerful…

Vent App Frustrations Social Media Malaysia

Vent About “Idiots” In A Safe Social Zone

Are you feeling a little less than calm? Annoyed or furious with the world today? Maybe the ‘Vent’ app can help. The Vent app is a rather nifty application to have in your phone. Bosses making your life hell? Boyfriend…

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Why Do Couples Fall Out Of Love

You’ve lost that loving feeling. Why is this happening? Love is a very confusing feeling. Falling out of love can be as perplexing as falling in love. Where you once felt deep affection has now turned into dread. You find yourself…

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Oh No! The Giant Rubber Duck Has Disappeared!

Oh rubber ducky! Remember the Giant Rubber Duck that got people all excited over its adorableness and not to mention hard-to-miss size? Well, it’s gone! News has it that the humongous inflatable bird was swept away in a flood as…

H&M Home Decor Avenue K Malaysia13

H&M Home Drops In Store At H&M Avenue K

The wait is over! The first H&M Home collection in Malaysia and Southeast Asia is now available here! A home is more than just an address. It is made up of many characters. From its furnishings to the cute décor…

Malaysian office romance work relationship

Guess How Many Malaysians Have Dated A Colleague Before?

Guess office romance is not out of bounds here! The Relationships@Work study by LinkedIn surveyed working professionals from around the world on the behaviours of workers at the office. When it comes to office relationships, nearly half of Malaysian respondents…

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Mexican Billionaire Calls For Three-Day Work Week

Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire tycoon has called for the introduction of a three-day working week. What do you think – yes or no? In news that had gotten a lot of people talking, Carlos Slim has called for a…