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India Rice Bucket Challenge

The Other Bucket Challenge. Rice, Not Ice!

That is not a typo. It is really the rice bucket challenge and it’s for just as good a cause. Following the success of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, India has emerged with its very own version called the Rice Bucket Challenge….

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Hello Kitty Run Singapore

The world’s famous cat, Hello Kitty is celebrating its 40th birthday in style this November first in Singapore.     Excitement grew in our beings when we heard of this fun run. Since the introduction of Hello Kitty to the…


Latest Human Barbies : Not One But Two!

Recently, there’s been a bit of a craze in achieving of some kind of plastic beauty for a few people. The world has seen one human Barbie and two human Ken dolls (so far).  And if you haven’t heard of…

Canadian professional ice hockey player Paul Bissonnette accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in style (Bradley Friesen/Youtube)

22 Best Of Celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Why are these celebrities dumping a bucket of ice water over their head? What are the likes of Adam Levine, Martha Stewart and more doing with ice bucket over their head? Lately, a dare called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge…

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Makeup Transformation Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Want to know what’s trending in the beauty world? Have a look! Everybody loves a good makeover and these dudes are killing it right now! The latest social media trend has proven to be entertaining to say the least. Men…

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Robin Williams Dies From Apparent Suicide

The world has lost another great one! Hollywood funnyman, Robin Williams was found dead in his home in California on Monday. According to police report, the apparent cause of death was suicide by asphyxiation. The beloved actor was 63. According…

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Equip Yourself With Facts : The Ebola Virus

The Ebola Virus – know what’s going on and find out what you need to know to equip yourself. If you’ve been paying attention to the recent terrifying headlines lately, you’ve probably heard that several countries in western Africa are…

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The New Human Ken Doll : Celso Santebanes

Move over Justin Jedlica, we have a new human Ken doll in town. If you don’t know who Justin Jedlica is, check out our article on the American who proudly refers to himself as the human Ken doll. Brazilian model and…

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Nine West’s Fall 2014 Campaign Causes Offense

They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity, because publicity is publicity after all. Nine West has taken a rather ballsy route with its new Fall 2014 campaign.  The Nine West Fall 2014 campaign features some great…