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botched perfect male celebrity

Is This The Most ‘Perfect’ Male Celebrity?

‘Perfect male celebrity’ or ‘How do I unsee this!?’  – you be the judge.  In conjunction with E!’s new television series that focuses on plastic surgery, Botched, the popular entertainment channel wanted to find out which male celebrity was considered as perfect. To do…

Lady Gaga Real Name

30 Famous Music Personalities & Their Real Given Names

Most of these people here may be popularly known for their talent in music but their famous moniker is more often than not, not their real name! As stated on their birth certificates, these are their real given names: Akon –…

Rihanna Nude Seethrough Sheer Daring Revealing CFDA Dress

[Photos] 10 Celebrities Who Dared To Bare!

Last week, the world got to talking about that Rihanna dress at the CFDA Fashion award. Oh you know what we’re talking about! The sparkly, see-through number that was embellished with more than 230,000 Swarovski crystals! The singer certainly left…

federer family

Another Set of Twins, Congrats Roger Federer!

Auspicious family gives birth to two sets of twins, twice! Proud daddy Roger Federer recently announce that he and his wife Mirka welcomed another set of twins on Tuesday, May 6 and this time.. they are both boys! Called Leo…

leonardo-dicaprio-young old

Cool! Famous Celebs And Their Past (Less Famous) Selves

My, how time passes – and how much change it does or does not leave! It is no secret that PEOPLE’s magazine unveils a ‘World’s Most Beautiful’ celebrities list yearly. Chosen through inner and outer beauty, 2014’s title falls unto…

flashback celebrity prom photos

10 Celebrity Prom Photos Before They Were Famous

Agree or disagree: looking back at old photos is quite an interesting ordeal, especially if you appear like an awkward lass/lad in them. Chances are that you’d most probably agree. Sure, those images might teleport you back to the past…

The Selfie Of Oscars. Submission from TheGirlRachel (USA)

What If Your Fave Celebrity Was A Hipster?

One of the most overused phrases today is probably hipster. Would you still love your favourite celebrity if they were one? The premise was simple; reimagine any famous celebrity as a hipster. And the result is both cool and funny….