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Music education

Why A Music Education Is Good For Your Kid

A music education can positively affect a child’s development.  From improving verbal skills to personal enrichment, a music and arts education can positively impact a young person’s life. For example, 90% of preschool children showed increased verbal intelligence after just…

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Holiday Shopping & Mall Safety Tips For Parents

The holiday season gives us plenty of time and reason to bring the children and family out for some fun. And whilst malls filled with fun activities and attractions (and storewide sales) make for a good family outing choice, safety…

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7 Ways To Get Kids To Eat Their Fruits & Veges

Getting children to eat more fruits and vegetables does not have to be a fight. Even though some of us might be picky with our food, we all know that having vegetables and fruits in our meals are essential for our health —…

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Rant About Parenting At ‘Parenting Confessional’

Remember Secrets Malaysia — the tumblr and twitter account where you can confess your deepest, darkest secrets to the world anonymously? Well, turns out that there’s a parenting version of this ingenious confession platform. Named as Parenting Confessional, the tumblr…

Mother scolding her son

Want Your Kids To Listen To You? Don’t Shout.

No matter how frustrated you are at your children, shouting will never work. Take a walk down memory lane, and recall those times when mom or dad was shouting at you for bad grades or to get your chores done….

ask child help chores

6 Ways To Get The Kids To Help With The Chores

Getting the little ones to complete their chores need not be a painful task. Chores are a great way of teaching children about life skills, responsibility and discipline. In addition to that, it can also strengthen family bond and take…

teach child respect parents

6 Ways To Teach Your Kids About Respect

Is your child acquainted with the term ‘respect’? Respect is the key to a happy family, community or society. In terms of family and parenting, respect is an especially important value as the lack of it might result in heated arguments. And…

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5 Ways To Ensure Your Children’s Future

As parents, one of the things that we worry about is whether we’re doing enough to provide for our children’s future. We’re constantly worried if we’re failing them somehow.  Well, there’s no one right formula for each family but parents…

bad parenting habits skills

5 Things You Do That Negatively Affect Children

Parents, elder siblings and caregivers — are you guilty of committing any of these offenses? Parenting is not easy, and many would commit lot of mistakes in the process; which is only normal as we’re all only human. However, if…