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18 Ways To Be Positive At Work

Positivity changes everything. It especially makes a difference when the clouds seem dark and when you feel things are hopeless. Don’t let those feeling get to you. Allow positivity to come in and rule the day. Having a good environment…


How To Do Fearless Networking

Do you hear the word “networking” and break out in a sweat? Or do you just groan internally because you dread the thought of having to do just that? Being a fearless networker allows you to develop relationship with people…

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Guess How Many Malaysians Have Dated A Colleague Before?

Guess office romance is not out of bounds here! The Relationships@Work study by LinkedIn surveyed working professionals from around the world on the behaviours of workers at the office. When it comes to office relationships, nearly half of Malaysian respondents…

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Mexican Billionaire Calls For Three-Day Work Week

Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire tycoon has called for the introduction of a three-day working week. What do you think – yes or no? In news that had gotten a lot of people talking, Carlos Slim has called for a…

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6 Tips To Manage Your Time More Effectively

We can get lost in the day-to-day business of our lives; here are some tips to help you manage time more effectively. Two words – importance and urgency! As humans, it is the norm to focus on things which demand…

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5 Real Reasons Why You’re Unproductive At Work

It’s certainly no fun being cooped up in the office for more 9 hours, missing out on date nights due to unfinished tasks or bringing home pending work. But what if we told you that it might be possible to avoid all that?…

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9 Ways To Be Productive Everyday

Productivity is probably a word that both sparks determination and draws disgruntled sighs from many of us. We’re expected to work our darnest and deliver results, so the question is how do we get there in the most efficient way?…


Are Malaysians Working Too Hard?

Have a seriously, you might be overworking yourself! Did you know that 9% of Malaysian professionals confess that they would work one to three hours a day on their holidays? Bringing their office workload home with them is not the…

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Rocking 9 to 5: Songs for the Workplace

Noisy colleagues? In need of some motivation? You know what they say..Happy workers equals better productivity, so put those records on! Research has shown that listening to music in the workplace leads to happier employees and boosts office morale and creativity. In a…

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10 Weirdest Jobs That Actually Do Exist In The World

Not all of us are born to be doctors, engineers or accountants; some of us take the road less travelled. Passion can be found in the most unlikely profession. For some individuals, their job is anything but ordinary. Read on….