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Chinese New Year: Do’s & Don’ts

With Chinese New Year coming up, preparations have started & decorations are up to signify that festivities are on its way.  If you’re familiar with the customs of the Chinese culture, there are actually quite a number of do’s and…


Cyber Acronyms Every Parent Should Know!!

If you thought you knew all about acronyms used on social media, think again.  Acronyms like ‘LOL’ (for ‘laugh out loud’),  ‘ROTFL’ (for ‘roll on the floor laughing’), LMAO (for ‘laughing my ass off’), ‘LMK’ (for ‘let me know’), ‘BRB’ (for…


The Traffic Jam Workout: 5 Exercises to Do

You’re probably hitting a jam more often than you’re hitting the gym, so we got fitness expert Lyn Kong to formulate a workout that you can do in a traffic jam! As a Malaysian, you’re probably constantly stuck in traffic….

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Procrastination-Beating Techniques

When was the last time when you either heard this sentence, “I’ll do it later”. Chances are is that you’ve heard it more than once and perhaps, you’ve even said it yourself.  Whilst there is nothing wrong in saying that…


To Be Or Not To Be : 6 Things To Be This Year

The new year usually means new beginnings for most of us and we’re sure that a lot of you felt the same way. However, things don’t always go the way we want them to. For some of us, the new year…


The Kurau Community Library: Book Donations Required

The Kurau Community Library, a project by renowned architect Ng Seksan has recently reopened after a revamp and they are looking for book donations.   It first opened its doors two years ago. The small community library was just that, small….